Saturday, August 24, 2013 7:05 PM

Well, I leave on Monday so they said I could email today. It has been an awesome week and I'm sad to leave my district that I have grown to love so much but I am so excited for el campo. I need to talk to everyone, EVERYONE and I am going to try to. Why wouldn't I, it isn't my work it is the Lord's. I read Mosiah 14 recently and it was awesome you should check it out. I got an email from the Moultons today and it was so fun to receive. They have been through a lot of trying things lately and I hope that the Lord is preparing them to return to full activity. Today has been very bitter sweet; all our teachers have been talking about their missions, showing us pictures and bearing testimony. I have felt a lot of the power of the work today. Hermana Taggart taught us to always open our mouths, never get discouraged and just keep chugging ( she is un poco loco pero ella es super motivated, which I hope I can be tambien) and Hermano Littlefield, Daniel will like this part, brought us cookies and his pet pingĂșno named charley. He loved his penguin and always talked about him in class it was pretty fun (he was a stuffed animal). He showed us pictures from his mission and I haven't seen him emotional before but when he was talking about Cesar who they were worried wouldn't come to church because his cousin had died at 3 Sunday morning. Then they saw him at 9 walking to church, he could hardly say that part. Cesar was a kind of rough kid but changed his life around and is now serving a mission. I am going to meet some the best people in the world in Argentina and the gospel can really change their lives. I am so humbled to be called to a work so great. We sang "God be with you till we meet again" in espanol at the end of class and were all crying. I love you my familia I will try and call you when you asked, hopefully I'm not so busy preaching the gospel that I completely space it, but I guess that wouldn't be a bad thing. I will call from a payphone and when you pick up I'll probably hang up and then use my calling card to call. I will use change first just to make sure you're home so I don't waste my calling card. Tengo mucho amor para ustedes.

Elder Andrew