This e-mail answers a lot of questions from letters we wrote or commented on things we wrote like back to school stuff and things like that.

Monday, August 12, 2013 2:15 PM

Dear familia,

I like all the visits you are doing mom sharing the love of Christ is pretty much all that missionary work is. Loving the people. It is a struggle sometimes but I am trying to love everyone here. Mrs. Loder was my math teacher, I knew that coach he was pretty cool and seemed like the real deal, And I loved mrs. govert her class was easy for you I just had to do the homework everyday and then it was easy. For dad It's crazy because I read out of the ensign sent to me for the first time yesterday and I read that talk! Next time you have a journey in the wilderness don't forget to take a liahonna so that you can find the meters easier. My district has been sharing some personal stories with each other and it really takes faith to share stories like that. To believe that Your experience needs to be shared for the benefit of others even if it puts you in a little bit of a vulnerable situation. That sounds like a great end to the summer, it is the little things that count. I will most likely get re-assigned but I will find out not this Friday but the next. Please pray for my visa if it be God's will. I really liked the package! In fact I'm wearing the superman shirt right now, and wore the captain America one for my captain american workout on Friday. I got to go to the temple for the first time and it was amazing. The new movie was really good, but I was more grateful to just be able to go again. It seems like so long and i haven't even been here for a month, but at the same time.... I've almost been here for a month! Craziness I am so excited for the field. TRC was really good this week, I launched into a few personal stories that I didn't necessarily know the vocab for but tried to tell them. I was able to relate the stories! we even had one of the people we talked with in tears. It was awesome and the spirit is really starting to come with my Spanish. Elder Patey said something really cool the other day that "its cool to get to know God in a different language." and it is! My companion helped me to realize that I wasn't being as faithful in saying my prayers completely in Spanish so I’ve been trying a lot harder and the blessings are so real. I love all of you and think of you often. I got a few un-expected e-mails this week so I don't really have too much time, maybe I'll write you a letter too. How is school coming? Mrs. Gutting was awesome and I'm glad Daniel gets her, I really like the pictures and letter i got from him and a the other elders where really impressed with the captain america drawings. I keep telling elders that my little sister will be 17 by the time we get back so if she gets a few strange emails she'll know why haha. I saw Dallin the other day and will hopefully see him more. Have Carolyn get Bennet’s mission email for me please. Sorry I'll try and email better next week.

Elder Andrew