Monday, July 29, 2013 8:58 AM

Hola mi moma, To answer an earlier question my P-day is on monday so i will do all of my e-mailing and most of my letter writing on that day. I'll try to send some pictures next week even though i haven't really taken that many yet. I saw Elder Grayson Allen yesterday and that was really exciting I needed at least one big hug from that loving guy before I head out. Elder Porter McClaws left today early in the morning for Sydney, Australia so I got a few pictures with him. with my companion and I being called as zone leaders they also called a new sister training leader who is Hermana Curtis from our district. She has a great testimony, spirit, and her personal experiences often blow my mind so she will be a huge asset to leading the zone. Our last zone leader ship had two short elders and a tiny filapino sister training leader. Entonces, I joke that our new Zone leadership is one of intimidation because Elder Mckean is skinny but about the same height at me and Hermana Curtis is Big and probably about 6 feet or 5' 11''. I'm sure it will be a blast though and I'm excited for the oppertunity to serve the members of my zone that i already love and respect so much. I glad that I can hopefully count on you not to critize my email spelling struggles because I believe we suffer from the same struggle. I'm glad that you are loving up your pioneer heritage and thank you for the story I will read it today. The building that our classroom is in is the "Parley P. Pratt building" which gives me a little extra strength to take the long treck every day, sevral times a day up the multiple flights of stairs. Probably whichever parent I email first will get the bulk of what happened to me so just know that and make sure to read to each other and share with the family. Elder Mckean has never consecrated oil before, so sometime today we will get some oil from the bookstore and do that. If you ever for some reason felt like sending me a care package here are a few suggestions. 1- please dont send food items, they feed us enough junk here at the MTC and real food probably doesn't last in the mail. 2- It would be funny to get a Captain America shirt to wear to bed or something. 3- I left two things of body wash in the shower and it would be cool to get those and also left the scrubber shower thing that i bought for my mission. 4- little games or toys are fun. These are all things that I don't really need so don't feel like you have to send me anything. Oh many I only have 7 minutes left there just isn't enough time! Hopefully I'll see Dallin I've seen a lot of friends already and it is really great. Your prayers for me give me strength and I really do apreciate them. I can maybe see a little better where Aaron is coming from when he writes home complaining about companions. People are different and it's hard to spend every waking, and sleeping moment with the same person. I feel like I just need to humble my pride and not let little annoyences bother me, after all Elder Mckean is a great guy and can help me an awful lot. We had a companionship inventory and talked about a few things and now I feel much closer to him and ready to serve next to him as a Zone leader. I know that I can't leader or set an example if I don't love and get along with my companion. It is getting harder to get up every morning but I just push the the 5 second intense struggle and roll out of bed and get going. I didn't fall asleep during anything yesterday which is really a huge improvement on last week ahaha. We don't have silent sundays but as a district we plan english fast times and those would sometimes be silent but we are really working on it. well my time is up and even though it wont kick me off I need to be obenient so Adios I love you and I love my family with all my heart.

Elder Andrew