Monday, July 22, 2013 8:27 AM

Hola Mom!

Things are going pretty well! That is awesome that you talked with Mr. Moore. Missionary work is inviting others to come unto Christ. It is interesting that is says Others instead of non-members. Even members need invitation and uplifting experiences. This first few days have been pretty crazy, it seems like I’ve been here for weeks but I think it’s just because they pack so much into every day. The food is too good and I hope I’m not gaining too much weight, I think to myself that I am not going to take that much food this time and then I get to the cafeteria and Hey that looks good and so does that! pretty soon my tray is full and I feel fat haha. My companion is Elder McKean he is tall and thin and is getting the Spanish really well, he is always trying to use mas y mas espanol which is helping me. We get along well he is a nice guy and we have fun making jokes and are even starting to make some jokes in espanol. The first day we got here my escort (the guy you dropped me off with) elder billings took me around and got me to where I needed to go for the first bit. As soon as I got to my class the maestro Brother Rogers started talking to me, but only in Spanish. That first day was a whirlwind and the next few weren’t any easier. The Spanish is coming amazingly fast the CCM is a really inspired place (ccm=mtc) We sang called to serve on the first days with all the new missionaries but it wasn’t in our language, maybe because we don’t know it yet? My district is Elder Tyler, a happy and really outgoing and social guy for Salt lake city, Elder Richards from Nephi who is more quite but is really cool and funny he ran cross country and the 800 in high school, Hermana Hansen Also outgoing and full of energy serving in the Buenos Aires mission, Heramana Tua(something long and crazy) from Tahiti going to the Dominican republic she is funny and knows French, English and is learning Spanish, Hermana Wellers from St. George going to the Dominican republic she is kind of quite but is working really hard at Spanish and getting it (she took German in high school). Hermana Wake from Utah who was playing tennis on a full ride in Arizona going to the Dominican republic, Hermana Cox an only child from sandy Utah going to Salta Argentina, and Hermana Curtis from Yuma, Arizona who is also going to Salta Argentina she was a hair stylist and has a lot of faith promoting experiences that she shares. All the elders in my district are going to Buenos Aires South which is cool that I will be able to see them possibly in the mission field as well. They provide sheets at the mtc so I haven’t had to use mine I sleep on the bottom bunk of a bunk bead. I was getting up at 5 30 so I could study extra but I read yesterday in the handbook that I’m supposed to arise at the same time as my companion so I wont be doing that anymore. I hope you are doing well! This place is pretty cool.

Love, Elder Andrew