Monday, July 29, 2013 8:34 AM Mi querido Padre! I am glad to hear from you as well. When I was a district leader (I am now a Zone leader as of sacrament meeting ayer) one of my responsibilities was to get the mail for my district. on wednesday i think it was i opened the mail and there was a whole huge pile of mail, and the best part was that pretty much half of it was for me! The day before i got a letter from carolyn and then on wednesday I got a letter from Mom (two actually), one from matthew, one from Daniel and one from Cami (the first correspondence I've had from a friend). It took me until last night to finish replying to Carolyn's letter but dont think that means it is excellent, I just don't have any extra time to write letters in a normal day! Today is my Preperation day and because the Provo Temple is closed until sometime in August I have a lot of time. Too much time we found out last week as we wasted most of it and were not at all prepared for the lesson we had to teach that night. I am bummed about the temple, sometimes i just look at my temple recomend and wish i could go. It's okay though, I'll make it through. I feel a lot better than the last time I e-mailed you guys, i fasted and said many long and hard prays and it is starting to pay off. Like my companion and I like to say "the church is true, the book is blue, and Moroni is always on the ball." So we planned our day better today and are going to be more preductive, and i will try to corespond to all mail recieved. CCM= centro something Misioneros so just MTC en espanol. Thank you for keeping that list for me! oh and don't critize my spelling!ja ja I only have a limited time to e-mail you guys and i'm trying the best that I can! thanks for trying to keep me on the straight and narrow though. FELIZIDADES MATTHEW!!!! that is so exciting my little bro hitting the streets. I left all my sunglasses in the different cars so tell him if he needs so added babe attraction gear he is welcome to use them. Looks like me serving a mision is blessing my family already. That is awesome for Samphson! He really is his first convert, and i wish him, dallin and drew the best of luck. I like your workout story and I have one of my own. To start off the guys in my Zone like to call me names like "captain america, Mr. Incredible and when i wear my glasses, Clark Kent." So on fridays we don't have any gym time but we have what is called "personal excercise time" which some of the elders have re-named "personal nap time." anyway, I made a circut workout doing various exercise with upper body and squats and lunges for the lower body. I got about 6 elders in my zone to do my circut with me and it was pretty hard but very rewarding. not so rewarding when we had to climb the stairs though.... Ijole mi piernas still hurt. Elder Craven who isn't really into fitness but did the circut and said he had never worked out like that befor was very proud to say "I finished the captain America Workout!" So we work hard but we also have fun in the MTC. I think you would really like elder pierce he was our zone leader before me and he is from Hunginton Beach. Every time he talks about california i think of you. When he talks about it he says how much he loves the beach and that he'll just go there to think and it was pretty much the last thing he did before his mission. He also says that if he starts talking about "the wedge" (I assume you'll understand the termanology) He is going to start crying. So you guys are in my thoughts and prayers. We got a new district on wednesday and we were excited because we wouldn't be the "new guys" anymore. Pero it turns out that they were and intermediate class and so pretty much already know more Spanish than us. Ha ha the Lord never ceases in his efforts to humble me. They are great though and there are even two missionaries from Mesa! Hermana Mary Jarman is one of them she was a year ahead of me in high school at mesa high and brad guthrie dated her sister from a while. The other one is Elder Ridd who went to Desert Ridge High School. He was made district leader and kind of turned to me for a lot of advice and I tryed to give it as best I could He is really an awesome guy and even though He seems to be naturally gifted with el Don de Lenguas i still like him. I like all the new guys in the Zone and now I have an oppertunity to love, serve and teach them. It is a humbling assignment and I cant do it without the Lord but Faith brings miracles. I'll let you know how my escapades go with that and trying to get the rowdier all elder district ahead of me to behave goes. I'm used over half my time writing this so mom will probably get a shorter E-mail (lo siento Mama) pero Yo le amo. love, Elder Andrew