Monday, September 2, 2013 1:00 PM
Hola de Argentina familia!

Alright business first. I will not be using my debit card really down here unless I am buying something personal, which won’t be probably until the last área de mi misión, entonces I need you mom to put 100 or 200 hundred more in my checking account and get a card for my account as well. Buy three cheap things a month with it, so that I won’t get charged the thirty five dollars a month when I don’t use it. (Hopefully you understand what I’m talking about. I’m glad you put the blog up, and hope you posted about it on my Facebook también. I did not bring a bag to carry stuff around in, but I bought one in the mtc. It is working very well, so no worries about that! Also it is already starting to warm up so I won’t need the gloves and such yet but I’m sure I will appreciate them in a year or so! Daniel, I got the shirt in Nauvoo, so if you friends want one too they just might be out of luck sorry buddy. You flooded my inbox! There were so many emails, thank you the first two from you mom and dad were what I needed I think. I was sad I couldn’t talk with you in the airport, close to tears but then I chinned up and figured my misión isn’t for calling my family anyway. I will let Brenda tell you about Sam and that awesome experience because I don’t feel like writing it again jaja. I’m out of time dang it. My companion is native and the language it coming if not some what difficultly. Elder Aldana doesn’t speak English either. Four elders in my pension one speaks English. Pictures are my companion and my bathroom. We haven’t had much success but that changes this week! Sorry, I thought I had more time, I will write you first next time.
Con Amor,
Elder Andrew

Note from Joleen: I couldn't get the picture of the bathroom to download.