the summer is arriving

Oct. 27, 2014

Well as you may have noticed in one of my pictures, I tried to send you a picture of the tan line that is starting to form on my arm, summer is upon us and it is already showing! Don't worry though I change my watch to my other wrist every day just so I don't get one of those nerd tan lines ha ha just kidding.... but I really do change my watch. Something I didn't tell you last week but we have bikes!!!! First time in the mission, it really makes travel a lot easier and helps because the sube (bus card) prices have really spiked, the lowest cost trip when I got here cost 1.50 now the lowest cost trip is at 3.25! So having bikes means we don't really take busses which makes it nice. Also we technically have two areas because they closed down the branch of San Fransico and joined it with Mayol and then took the elders out from over there so we have both areas, and even though it makes things a little harder I feel like it is necessary because there aren't the best feelings between ex-San Fransico and Mayol, so having both areas we can help build up the unity! Well I am really liking my new area! It is tranquilo and there are a lot of good members. I still feel like I hardly know anything but that will come with time of course. My comp also only has about 5 weeks working both areas and his last comp didn't help him out too much so we are getting to know the area together! We have been doing a lot more contacts and even though we haven't seen too many results yet we have high hopes for the future! My comp had the good idea of taking out the peoples phone numbers in contacts (something I had kind of stopped doing) so we could call them to confirm the visits we set up with them that way we don't waste our time with people that aren't there. I have great hopes for this area and I feel like there is something big that the Lord has in store for us here. There are some really capo leaders and the bishop has about 2 months as bishop so that is an animo (excitement) factor. They also give us good almuerzos (lunches) something the Lord has blessed me with in every area. I have nothing more but than to be grateful to Him. I owe everything to him and I love him. I love being able to work here with the people of Florencia Varela, Argentina. What a great place to be at this time in my life! I love you all,

Un Abrazo Fuerte,

Elder Andrew

Photos: Saying goodbye in Quilmes.