semana 5.... where did the transfer go?!

October 6, 2014


Yeah, that is right, I can't believe that the time is going by so fast! They will probably take me out of here. One, because I have been here a while and two, I am starting to get comfortable and when someone gets the hang of things in the mission is right when they take you out! But oh well, I still have plenty of time to work here! Well I'll jump right to conference cause I have got plenty to share! Well first of all since my comp is a Latino and we had investigators show up I decided to watch all of the conference in Spanish. It was kind of cool that I could understand basically everything! Thinking back to my first conference when I had to watch a session in Spanish and Elder Bednar talked about tithing and I don't think I even understood that he was talking about tithing! At least there is some growth there haha. Then, with the new language thing, it was really cool with the two elders that spoke in Spanish. What a blessing the Lord gave me to be able to learn another language! It was good though to listen to the choir sing English hymns, what power they have in music. I loved after the prophet talked that they sang "How Firm a Foundation". How firm a foundation we really do have as members of the church! We have a prophet that receives constant revelation. 12 apostles as well. We know who God, Christ and the Holy Ghost are, and we can base our lives not only on the Bible but also on the Book of Mormon and other scripture. QUE firmes cimientos! (how firm is our foundation) Well, Federico went to the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning sessions with his kids and he loved it. I caught one of his kids sleeping but he only has 11 years so what can you expect haha. Then, Charly showed up late on Saturday night. He is really surprising me because he told us he doesn't let preachers into his house, not the testigos (Jehovah's Witnesses) or the evangelicos (evangelists), nadie (nobody). But he read the first pamphlet and we didn't even tell him to but he started reading the Book of Mormon. And then when we were reading a part of 3 Nephi and it said something about the people of Nephi and he said "hold on a second let me explain this to my wife so she can understand".  He then told her who the nephites where!!! Talk about golden investigator! He has a lot of children living close too so hopefully we can teach them as well. Then, Ignacio came and had his interview after almost a year of going to the church as an investigator. He is going to be baptized next Sunday by his friend Augusto! How awesome is that! Then, in between sessions on Sunday, we ran to the stake center in Berazategui to do some baptismal interviews and got all wet because it was raining but they all passed so I guess it was worth it haha! Today in my study I reviewed my notes from conference and made a few goals for myself, I invite you all to do the same. I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Andrew