October 20, 2014

Well like I said I was pretty sure I was getting transferred and sure enough.... here I am in Mayol A in the zone of Florencia Valera. I am with my new comp Elder Cotrell from Utah. He is the district leader. He seems like a pretty cool guy and I am super excited to get to know a new area and help out. The assistant said this area needed help so the Lord definitely has some work for me and my companion to do! Well this last week was really pretty good we tried hard to find some new people, but we didn't but at least we had some good contacts and did find a few "new" less actives to work with. We are getting Federico ready for his baptism, he really wants to get baptized and we only need to teach him one more principle. He will get baptized this Saturday and hopefully Elder Bastias sends me a picture! Then the Familia Lopez, I don't know if you remember them but we were working with them and everything was going good. Their 9 year old son was going to get baptized and they went to church for the first time in a long time and then after that we couldn't get a hold of them..... they wouldn't be there or when we talked to them in the door they would set a cita (appointment) for another day and then later cancel it, it was just really weird. Well, we finally got back into their house on Saturday, had a really good lesson and they all went to church on Sunday! So that was a highlight. The little kid Juan even made me a goku doll out of paper and tape because I was leaving! Then Ignacio got confirmed and his mom that lives in capital came down to see it. After church we went by to pick up a pen drive I had left with Ignacio and talked with his family, it was really good and we could give them a Book of Mormon and invited them to read, so hopefully that seed can grow a little bit! Ignacio is a super capo and I have no doubt that he will go far. He even went with a young man's leader on Saturday to go visit less active kids with his same age! What a champ! It was a bit hard to say goodbye to the Ward. There really were just so many good people there and I learned to love so many of them. It is also hard to say goodbye to Elder Bastias who was a super good companion and I felt like we really taught well together.... but what are you going to do? The Lord needs me here and so here I will stay. I love working for Him and trying to do what He expects of me. That we may all try to live up to His expectations!


Elder Andrew