October 13, 2014
Well this was another great week! We just keep on working. This week we had 2 intercambios and I learned a lot from them. One cool thing about doing these intercambios is I get to be with a lot of elders from other countries, like this week I was with one Mexican and a Colombian, so apart from learning about the gospel and how to do the work better I get to know a little bit about a lot of countries... pretty cool! Charlie went last week to the priesthood session (of General Conference) and he loved it! He said the hermanos (brothers) all talked to him and that he loved what President Monson said! He keeps reading and analyzes what he reads and then explains it to his wife, haha what a capo. Federico is also doing well and we were a bit worried about teaching the Word of Wisdom because he likes coffee, actually loves it. But we taught him and he said "okay" and he is working on not drinking it anymore! He is ready to obey. Then, we found some new people this week. Some of them are Hugo and Laura who are neighbors of the familia Romue (the family I like so much and the dad is a setenta (70)). We have been trying to get a hold of them for a while and we could finally teach them in the house of the familia Romue! It went really well as we taught the restoration, they really seemed interested, Hugo especially and you can't ask for a better member to help you out than a Seventy! Great start with them. And then we had the baptism of Ignacio. It really was quite special and made me think back to the time when Brooke got baptized. I saw all those jovenes (youth) from other Wards and from his own Ward there to help him out. He really is a special kid and I feel blessed to have at least been a small part of his conversion story. He had been waiting for that day for almost a year and his smile said it all. We asked him to give his testimony in the service and what a testimony it was! He understands the gospel! That is a future missionary right there! So a pretty good week. I really love you all and love this gospel that is so true!
Elder Andrew