Mayol, my new home
November 3, 2014
Well I am starting to get a little bit more adjusted to the routine here in Mayol and things are going pretty good. Well this Halloween I had nothing to dress up with in the pension and I was kind of tired do no pictures for you all (sorry!) but it was a pretty good day. This week started off REALLY hot and humid and now for the past few days it has been raining, so we are at full speed on the argentine weather roller-coaster! Elder Cottrell and I get along really well, he is a super chill guy and he knows what he is doing (he only has 4 months left) and I feel like we are really trying to help out. One thing I like is that we are doing a lot more in companionship study, like practices, talking about investigators and setting goals. And we are trying to try a lot of new things with new ways of doing contacts and stuff like that. We are still trying hard to get to know the area and all the members but that will probably come with more time. We have started doing more calls to verify how investigadores (investigators) are doing and make sure they are keeping their compromisos (commitments) and it seems to be helping a lot. We also have 2 ward missionaries which is something I have never had in a ward before, so now we just have to get them more involved in the work because they really want to work! This Saturday was a great day! A highlight was finding a new family. It is the mom, a 16 year old son, and a 8 years old daughter. Norma, Ulises y Ati. Ulises is the friend of a member and went to church like a year ago for a while but then his dad wouldn't let him anymore. Recently his parents got separated and he just started going to church again by his own will. So that is how we found him... he just showed up in church haha. But his mom is also very prepared. We had our first lesson with the family on Saturday and they listened attentively and had already been reading in the Book of Mormon. Norma said she could feel peace and that she wanted to learn more and Ulises also, Ati is kind of like most 8 year olds and didn't pay much attention but she is funny. Norma did the last prayer and asked to be able to understand and keep going. So good start with them, they have a goal to be baptized the 29th of November. Other good news, Elder Bastias told me that Federico got baptized and it was awesome! He is going to send me some fotos later. It is nice to know that the work keeps going! Today in my studies I came across something in Preach My Gospel that I wanted your help on. In chapter 11 in the back where it has ideas for personal study it has the idea to write family members and ask them for a testimony on the blessings they have received from keeping a commandment, or something like that. And since we are focusing as a ward on trying to get the members to do more visits I wanted to ask you all; how have you been blessed from doing your visits (home and visiting teaching)? Or how have you been blessed from receiving them.? Thanks! Well I'm sure I have a great week ahead of me and I will soon be an old man! Just 8 days more! (Ben turns 20 Nov. 11th) How crazy..... well I love you all lots!


Elder Andrew