time to prepare

Sept. 29, 2014


Time to get ready for general conference! What an exciting time of the year, a prophet of God is going to speak to us! Well this week has been a good one. On Tuesday we did what we always do..... companion exchanges ha ha. I stayed in our area with Elder Granados from Colombia. He is a pretty funny guy and I really like the Colombian accent it makes me laugh, even if what they say isn't a joke haha. We tried to teach Miguel and Adriana the plan of salvation but Miguel got pretty hung up on the premortal life, because in the bible it doesn't specifically talk about any premortal existence and the few times it does it isn't very clear. So that left me with desires to study the matter out better and really know for myself from the scriptures. It was interesting to read in all the four scriptures to find the truth. How blessed we are to have more than just the Bible! Then as we ate lunch with the flia romue (Romue Family) (SUPER capo member family and the dad is a seventy of the area) We asked the hermano (brother) how he would deal with a situation like that. He showed us a scripture in Judas 1 I think 4-6 that talks about a first and second state and compares it to the children of Israel. The children of Israel kept their first estate and so were led out of Egypt but due to them not keeping their second estate they were destroyed. The same happens with us, we are here in the earth so we kept our first estate, now we have the job of keeping our second one! The hermana also talked about when she had her twins that as they formed in her stomach she could feel like they had different personalities and a lot of things like that. The gospel really is logical. How could there not be a premortal existence? It just makes so much sense! Talking with them I really felt like my understanding was enlightened. I hope you know that you are also big blessings in the lives of missionaries. So hopefully with our next charla (appointment) this Tuesday we can talk about that a bit more. Obviously scriptures don't convince only the Spirit can do that, but maybe they will help him to think! Then with Federico we finished up the plan of salvation. He is coming along well and we changed the date to the 25th of October because we need more time to teach him, but he went to a service project with the elders quorum on Saturday, was at church before us, and told us that he kids are showing interest as well... talk about prepared man! Then, there is a kid, his name is Ignacio, that has been going to church for about 8 months but his mom (who doesn't live with him) wouldn't let him be baptized. Now that we have been teaching his grandparents (he lives with them) and they have been to sacrament meeting a few times he is going to be baptized! They like the teaching and the people and so the mom gave the okay! We are hoping for the 11th of October, and his friend that first invited him to church is probably going to baptize him. What a great story! We keep finding new people and more people that are prepared to listen to the gospel. I don't know what we are doing to deserve these blessings but hopefully we can keep it up! The Lord really is blessing us. A lady that we talked with in the street on Saturday showed up at the church building on Sunday! She loved it and wants to keep going. How crazy is that! Well I love you all very much and hope you can seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost in your lives, it really is so important!


Elder Andrew