Monday, January 27, 2014 7:04 AM
Les amo
Are you sure it is my cousin Erica that is getting married!!!?? the one that in like only 18 years old?! If this wasn’t some sort of typing error that is crazy for me, but hey age is just a number! And I trust her that she would choose a stud to marry. Also with Daniel I have a Mormon message that I recommend him to watch today before he gets the priesthood this week. I think it is called "The power of God" by Thomas S Monson and really helped me think differently about the priesthood. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY! FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS!!! a Daniel y a mi Madre!!!! I hope you don’t party rock too hard because you will still need to go take the sacrament (or in Daniel’s case PASS the sacrament) on Sunday. Glad to hear that Dad is enjoying his calling and I know he will be a "cool" leader and more importantly a good example. I remember a lot of the things my scout/young men leaders did and said, they were all very good and good examples, talk to them about your mission it will help them look forward to their turn to serve! This week was a bit weird with the change of schedule and stuff but we found some other new people, and they all live within a small area so it makes the traveling easier. One is Soledad, which is the name of the other Falkan Island, so we make the joke that we are going to baptize both of the islands. But mas alla de los chistes (beyond the jokes) she is really in need of the gospel. She stopped us in the street about a week or more ago and told us that she had been listening to the missionaries and that her boyfriend was a member and that she wanted to get baptized. We were excited and set up a cita (appointment) with her, that she wanted to do in the church and then she didn’t show up. We didn’t understand and so this week I felt like we should call her, so we called her and she said we could come over right then so we did. She is going through a really rough time. She didn’t come because her sister is having a lot of problems with drugs and she has two kids and the parents wanted to put her in a mental institution which wouldn’t be good, so Soledad got in a fight with her parents (Soledad is 25 years old). Also her boyfriend broke up with her without giving her any reasons why (he was an inactive member and it was actually his brother that just left on his mission that got her interested in the church) and her and her group of friends all lost their jobs. She said she feels very alone and that when we called her she had gotten her Book of Mormon and was reading it. We taught about God’s love and explained that we are priesthood holders and can give blessings (you shouldn’t offer blessings because they should be asked for so it can be by their faith) so she asked us for a blessing. We are going to try and help her get to know Malvina because she also felt very lonely when she first started talking with us. Well stay strong I love you all very much!

Elder Andrew