Wednesday, January 22, 2014 12:35 PM

Well kind of weird to be writing on a miercoles (Wednesday) but then again the mission is full of unexpected surprises. I am really glad to hear how good you are all doing and that the Mesa High wrestling team is doing well haha. I sometimes wish I could practice but oh well I’ll just try to keep up with my tiny morning exercise routines in the meantime and not get too fat. I don’t know if you remember a few weeks ago I talked about worrying that we didn’t really have that many investigators, well the Lord in definitely blessing us with that. Thanks to a reference and always looking for opportunities to "invite" we have found some great new people to teach. I like the idea of inviting your neighbors because it turns out that we found one family that is progressing well that lives two houses down from a member family. We didn’t find them from a reference but rather from just talking to the people outside one day. We also found another investigator just talking to him when we saw him sitting with the inactive son of a member family who also lives only about 5 houses down from this family. I am glad we found these people but it would have been easier if we had been guided by the members to these people. I think a lot of the time we think that people aren’t going to change, but, like Mom said, it never hurts to invite. If you are too scared to talk all you have to do is give the name to the missionaries, they are more than willing to talk haha. It is always better to have a connection through a member though. I am glad you are inviting people to the temple, it really changes lives, one of the families in this ward who are getting ready to be sealed said one of their first experiences in their investigation process was going to the open house of the Buenos Aires temple. Speaking of that awesome place I really enjoyed being there today. Just being in that quiet tranquility just reminded me of being at home in the Mesa temple. I think that no matter what temple I go to I will always feel at home. It was different in Spanish but I really liked it. And Hermano (Brother) Caseres was there working the veil so that was really cool to be there with him as well. I could just image Malvina being in there in a year or so. We did English classes the other Saturday and they went really well and a lot of people actually came! By a lot I mean like 10. It was fun and we taught some numbers and a few other things, we are telling a lot of people and there is a lot of interest so hopefully the pool will get even bigger. It also helps that here English is required in school. We are having fun trying new things and seeing new success. I am trying to aprovechar (take advantage of the time) because I think in a few weeks I will probably inevitably be in a new area. Whether I go or not I love this work and I will do it where the Lord wants. IrĂ© y harĂ©. (I will go and do) Les amo cada uno de ustedes, y espero que tengan mucho exito en su esfuerzos misionales. (I love each and every one of you and hope that you have much success in your missionary efforts.)

Con muchos besitos, (with many kisses)

Elder Andrew