Monday, December 30, 2013 11:12 AM

Miracles of Christmas

Yes it was awesome to see all of you on Christmas DAY! I really enjoyed talking
with you even though for some reason it was a bit odd. Be warned in advance that
whenever I get home (in some unknown really far away date in the future) I will
probably be really awkward and not know what to do with myself, so cut me some
slack in advance haha. Those are some sweet gifts that the kids got! It looks
like mom and dad have been holding out waiting for the two wild ones to leave.
No just joking thank you for not giving us coal even though we probably deserved
it! I really like those eyeball glasses, those are pretty funky. Elder Godoy
really likes the mac and cheese as well. Well transfers came and por suerte(with luck) we are all staying. My whole district is the same for at least another six weeks.
Now the baptism. I was pretty nervous but we got the details taken care of for
the most part before hand. We got there early with the things we needed and
started to fill up the pila. I was super nervous before being the senior
companion, being the one going to do the ordinance, and it being the first
baptism that I had ever had anything to do with! She got there we changed out
and we took some pictures I sent you the big group one. Then the program started
and Hermano Caseres (featured on the left) Gave a talk on baptism and the we did
the ordinance. There was hardly any water in the font but she is really short so
it was alright. She was nervous and was facing the wrong way but we got
everything worked out, I said the words and put her under the water. She looked
very happy coming out and I can´t wait to ask her in detail about her
experience. Then we sang the four elders and finished the program. After we had
some nice refreshments. For a first time the program aspect of it went really
well, but what was really important is that she got baptized. The next day in
church she was confirmed by Hermano Caseres and the blessing he gave her was
very interesting. That she would be a light and teacher and help many people. It
made me think of all her family members on the other side of the veil. She
accepted the gospel like it was already a part of her and continues accepting
everything new that she learns. If she is like that I am sure she has dead
relatives that have died and already accepted the message. She will get the
chance on the 4th to go to the temple, and we will probably go with her, even
though we can´t go inside. It has all been a very big miracle and she is such a
blessing to us. I brought an extra triplet and bible in Spanish that some elders
left in the MTC that I was waiting to give to my first convert so she will get
those. Thank you for all your support and I will continue letting you know how
the work is I just love it!

Elder Andrew