Missionaries having fun!
Malvina's Baptism from a week ago

Monday, January 13, 2014 9:24 AM


Well like I told mom the rats are back and they came back with a vengeance but they are nothing compared to four servants of the Lord! So that is something that we are working on. Don’t worry about your notices making me distracted or anything like that there is so much to worry about here to be honest Mondays are really the only days I worry about home. That isn’t to say I don’t think about you but I try to stay focused on this great work. Oh Mom and Dad I need you to tell me the cities that you served in on your missions and if you can remember any of the names. We did tramites (legal paperwork) today and I ran into two missionaries from El Salvador and I have run into others from Guatemala y Honduras. I enjoyed Daniel’s talk and am glad that I taught him how to be a good wrestler ;) I am glad that you are all safe and well. In weekly planning we realized we are suffering with investigators. So we went through them and I even called one we hadn’t visited in a while and she said right there on the phone that she wasn’t interested right now. So we are starting to build a strong base of investigators from scratch almost but it is exciting. Instead of feeling depressed Elder Corry and I feel excited. On that day of the weekly planning we even found two new investigators! So we are working with getting more references trying new methods because the olds ones weren’t working and going to start teaching English classes to see if we can get more investigators or references from that. I feel like I am starting a new thing and it feels good. Speaking of new things we had interviews with president and he said "Wow you have been in that area a long time" and "we need to spread your talents around to mission" So I am pretty sure this next transfer will be Adios Lanus. Which will be sad but I know will be good for me. The newly revamped exercise is going well and I feel well. We still have a whole lot of fun together although we are pretty terrible about teasing Elder Haynie since he is going home. I love the mission and love each and every one of you. I am proud to be an Andrew and am so grateful for a strong family as Daniel said. You help me to keep pushing along.

Elder Andrew