Monday, December 23, 2013 8:49 AM

Christmas is coming the elders are getting fat....

Well I Hope that all is worked out for Skype. Elder Corry is going first so he can take care of all the bugs haha. We have a camera and a microphone so hopefully things will be good from our end. Like I told you I will be calling around five o clock here (around 1 over there) and have 45 minutes to talk! How exciting no! Well I am glad to hear you are enjoying the Christmas season, I saw some lights on a house (very rare) and I thought of when we used to drive around and look at the lights. To start off I’ll tell you about what we will do on the 24th night. We are going to be with the Familia Leyes and they are going to cook us lechón (baby pig) y cordero (lamb) yummee. I hope I like the lamb because the last time I had lechon it wasn’t horrible but not my favorite. That will be a lot of fun. This week has been good. All my weeks just seem to be so good even though they are so hard. Maybe that is why they are so good because we are working so hard and seeing that the Lord is blessing us for our hard work. I’ll start with Miguel. He doesn’t have any legs and was baptized como testigo de jeohva (as a Jehovah Witness). And for that reason he knows a lot about the bible and has some weird doctrinal thoughts, but he is awesome. He really has a desire to learn and I think that he will, his faith is amazing and through some service we did for him (moving fridges) hopefully it opened his heart and the heart of some of his family (we think it did from what they said to us and just the difference we can already see). Olga y Roberto weren’t too serious investigators but recently are starting to progress. They are having a rough time financially and Roberto says that he needs a spiritual outlet. They really love us missionaries and Roberto even gave us both two awesome ties for the navidad (Christmas). Then on Sunday Roberto came to church, he liked it and asked how long someone had to come before they could get baptized. (Hopefully he was talking about himself and not just a general question we need to get back and talk to them about that). Then, finally, the perfect one, Malvina. We taught her the last lesson and did the pre entrevista (interview). She is so ready to be baptized and we have only been teaching her for a little over two weeks. That is why I say she is the perfect one. She had taken out her nose piercing but still not the one in the lip so I asked her if she could give it to me as a recuerdo (souvenir). She tried to take it out but couldn’t (it has been three years since she has taken it out). Then the next day in church she gave it to me because she put some soap on it later and was able to take it out. She did it without complaint and just said that she knew she had to. So now I have a sweet lip piercing..... I am thinking about putting it in to call you guys! Not really. We asked about who was going to do the confirmation and baptism and she said that Hermano Casares is going to do the confirmation and she asked me to do the baptism. I am so honored and so happy for this moment. She really is a miracle in our lives and a great blessing to help me work better. This week will definitely be the best one of my mission. My companion shared with me in Luke where the Savior is atoning for our sins. The Lord did not pass the bitter cup, but he did send an angel to help and support him. This mission isn’t any easier but right now I can really feel the angels and the blessings that he is sending my way. This week will be a lot of fun and planning for the baptismal program, it is going to be great and I am so excited!


Elder Andrew