Monday, July 28, 2014 12:25 PM
Transfers bring new things!

First off I am sorry that I didn’t write hardly anything last week. I really did feel bad afterwards because I love all of you so much and know that you worry about me. I pray for you every night and am praying for your apprenticeship as well Dad. I’m glad you are all enjoying Cali, I went to a river that looks like the ocean (Rio de la Plata) which is actually the widest river in the world or something like that and it was super cold, everywhere here is cold, but I have a few jackets so I am keeping mas o menos warm ahah. In the week I did an intercambio and was with Elder Dahl for a day! It was nice to work with him again and we worked super hard, we walked all over contacting and trying to get in to teach someone but no one would let us in the whole day! So we ended up teaching the recent convert that was accompanying us! haha sometimes it happens. But then in the morning we had a super awesome study session and went out to work and taught a spiritual lesson to a less active and then found a new investigator doing a contact! His name is Hector and he has 82 years (super old but not in too bad of shape) and has a whole bunch of faith, pretty cool guy. I’ll let you know if he progresses. Then Carmen and Marcelo are doing pretty good, we are going to try and help them to be baptized in August, and Martina should be getting baptized here real soon, maybe this Sunday but we need to work out the deets with the ward first. Elder Suarez is gone! The six weeks really went by pretty fast. I learned a lot that is for sure. Now I am with Elder Bastias from Chile. He seems pretty cool and is a super hard worker (best quality ever!) He has two more transfers than me in the mission and this is his first time as a zone leader, so we are going to learn a lot together. I feel like we are really going to change this ward around and find a bunch of people. It will require a lot of work but as I told Matthew the other week, I like to work :) today in the transfer meeting a lot of my old friends left the mission :( some of my old leaders and old friends. The ones you might remember are Elder Godoy, Elder Neyra and Elder Bogarin. They were/are really good elders and it was hard to see them go but it must happen. They left their legacies of hard work and obedience; a legacy I also hope to leave. Then, I also saw Elder Corry and I have good news..... I am going to be a grandpa!!!!!!!! (This means that Elder Corry, who Ben trained, is going to be a trainer since the one you train is your son and then when he trains someone that missionary becomes your grandson…) My mission family history is taking off, he seemed pretty excited to train and I am proud of the fellow! Elder Crowther was also there and told me that he will be training as well! Man I have had some real good companions and luckily they live in Utah! Close (even Elder Godoy said he was going to try and go live and work in Utah!) I saw some old people from Lanus that went to say goodbye to Elder Godoy and they told me I was super skinny! I think it is just because I was super fat over there haha. I am super excited for this new transfer and a lot of new things in the zone only two companionships stayed the same and all the rest changed so a lot of new things. I love you all very much and love this work. I know the church is true and that we can overcome our problems I will keep praying for all of you!

Elder Andrew