Monday, August 4, 2014 10:34 AM
Vamos Argentina! Aguante Quilmes!

Wow what adventures in California! The whole nucleus family that I grew up with is getting so much bigger and doing so many crazy things it is so crazy! I am glad to hear that Dad did well on his test, I have been praying a lot for all of you and especially for that test. So when are you going to get the results to know if you got the apprenticeship or not? (Sorry horrible spelling but the spell check here only checks Spanish words) We had to move the date back with Martina because she still needs a few lessons but we are hoping for this week. Her dad is still doing bad but he was better this week than last week. We had a very spiritual visit with them and talked with his inactive son of 20 years who had the doubt of why bad things happened to good people and bad people seemed to be doing fine. We followed the spirit and shared in the Book of Mormon Alma 14 about all of the converts and could feel the spirit in what we said and the son said after that he would pray and read the Book of Mormon. Carmen and Marcelo are a family that we are working with and the missionaries have been working with for a while. They aren’t the most intelligent bunch so it is hard to teach sometimes but they are making and have made a lot of changes in their life and so we have high hopes for them. In our zone there are 24 missionaries but it depends on the zone as well. In Avellaneda there were only 18. and district leaders usually have from 6 to 8 missionaries. Elder Dahl is still in my zone, he is a new district leader! Cool to hear about the family history that is something I definitely want to get into when I get back and wish I would have taken some time to study before the mission because it is a huge missionary tool and is something the prophet wants us to do! My new companion Elder Bastias is super cool! He teaches very well and we are already teaching in a unified way and seeing changes and miracles here in the area. He draws SUPER good it is pretty amazing and he likes singing and has a bunch of other talents! We get along well and have a very positive vision of the future! The other day we did exchanges with the assistants. They both came to our area and we did divisions. Poor Elder Bastias got lost a whole lot but they did a lot of contacts and could get a few lessons. I was with Elder Alvarez from Mexico and we also got a few visits in. It was pretty cool, if you want good missionaries with experience the assistants will be those kind of missionaries! We had a super cool meeting with President on Wednesday! He surely is an inspired man and is making a lot of changes in the mission. The meeting is actually more of a council and it was so cool because everyone was participating and you could feel the spirit there guiding all of us. President even said it was the best leadership counsel he had ever had! Only the zone leaders, hermanas capacitadoras (sister’s trainers) and assistants go to that meeting. so we set a lot of goals for our zone and made plans to be the best ever! Wow we really do do a lot of things just in one week! We are super excited for this week because we are going to have an open house in the church! There is a matrimonio of missioneros (married couple/senior missionary couple) who come and run it with some missionaries and a lot of members are super excited and have told us that they are going to bring friends. Maybe this week we didn’t find any new people but we have been visiting active member families and really pumping up this activity and we feel like from that we will hopefully be able to find all kinds of new people! I sure love this work and know that this church is true. I am grateful for my testimony of the Book of Mormon that helps me to stay solid and gives me knowledge I couldn’t find anywhere else. I love you all!

Besitos (Kisses),

Elder Andrew