something new

August 18, 2014


I am going to try something new this week and write the big letter first instead of waiting until the last to do it! Well this week was sure a success! On Tuesday we had the zone meeting where Elder Bastias and I taught the zone and it went really well. We set a couple goals with the zone. One of which is to teach more lessons. We know that just a number isn't important but it is important to try and do more, or have higher "numbers" because it means that we are helping more people and we were seeing that a lot were not having that many lessons and many had like 10 or less lessons in the week! President once told us that in every area in the mission we should, with diligent work, be able to accomplish have 30 lesson for week. So we set the goal to have everyone in one week at least get 15 just to start things off and we are already seeing results! A lot more people were taught this week and we even raised our personal dato a lot and made it past 15! I think one of the most important parts of being a leader is to put in practice what we ask of everyone else. If we don't teach more people we can't expect the zone to do so! We are finding a lot of new people through contacts, references and varias formas (various forms). One stand out that we found this week was Julia. She wanted to meet with elders for a school project she was doing on the Mormons, So the reference popped up in our email one day that she had asked them to go. When we first went she told us that she had already finished the project but we were able to set a cita (an appointment) with her for another day to explain a lit bit anyway. That day we went with a young man who is preparing to go on his mission and as we started out it was a bit weird and her dog was a bit crazy but as we started the spirit took over, and even the dog calmed down. She has about 25 years in a sociologist (not sure if he meant that she is 25 years old or that she has been a sociologist for 25 years. Probably the first since she is a student), is studying and very intelligent and almost a bit hippie but as we testified you could see the message getting through to her. She said she would read and pray and if she received an answer would be baptized and go full fledged! What an experience we left very happy, and grateful. Every day I just realize even more just how true the gospel is, how blessed I am to have been born into it and have the knowledge I do! Next week is going to be the stake conference so we will see how that goes and if we can get some investigators to go, because it is in a different building. We are having more success getting members to leave with us and a lot of the priests as well. I try to always leave with the priests because I was so grateful for the elders that took the effort to leave with me and help me to prepare for my mission. ( when he says leave with us he means they go out working with them.  He is getting so he says things in a very spanish influenced manner) Well things are starting to heat up here already! Remembering back to the inferno of last summer I hope it stays cold for a bit more but who knows we will see. Well my beloved family I love you all a whole bunch and chau hasta la proxima semana! (good bye until next week)


Elder Andrew