Monday, July 7, 2014 1:37 PM
Argentina, soon to be world champs!

Thank you all for your letters I love reading them and I loved your scriptural insights Mom! You all are so awesome and help me to keep going. I too have been learning a lot in the scriptures, I am trying to memorize more scriptures, read the New Testament, read the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel. It is a hard task and I usually don’t get to the New Testament, but I just want to learn so much and I feel like I have so little time! I should have read all the standard works before my mission (hint little brothers). But I feel like I am learning a lot and the scriptures help me to think on new things. I loved something I read this morning about Nephi. After hearing about his father’s vision he had the desire to learn more about it. So he sat there and meditated on it. As he meditated, he was carried away in a vision, where he saw the Holy Ghost and talked with him. His understanding was enlightened and he was able to get his desires of gospel knowledge and even saw the life of the Savior. It made me think of the scripture that instructs us that we are to learn by study as well as by faith. Interesting concept! This week we got someone with a new baptismal date! Her name is Martina, and she is the daughter of an inactive family where the dad is trying to become active. I say trying because his body is ridden with cancer so he can’t go to church. It is a really sad situation and we hope that the progress of his daughter can bring him some happiness as these might be his last days. I am learning a lot of patience and feel like the Lord is refining me for something great. We had a meeting with the bishop and it was a small step forward! Then, on Sunday, another meeting with the president of the quorum de elderes (Elders Quorum President), another step! Step by step this will become the best area in the world! If I ever come back discouraged at the end of a day I try to start out the next day new, have a good study and go out fresh and ready to work. This next week I am determined to knock doors, talk to more people in the street or colectivo (bus), whatever because we need some new investigators! I always try to ask for references (the best way to find new investigators) but if you aren't getting them you still need to find new people! I am getting to know the zone better and that helps me out, loving other missionaries and worrying about helping them out, helps me out. This next week we have interviews with president. On Thursday we went to eat lunch with the family Clawson. You might say that is an American last name.... and it is! The hermano is from the United States! It was pretty weird they all spoke English and the hermano made me do the prayer in English. They had a SUPER huge house and were loaded with money. They all had i phone 5 which is super hard to find because they don’t really let apple products into Argentina. It was pretty crazy; this ward is just crazy haha! But don’t you worry I will keep working and I love this work. There are people waiting for us here in Quilmes, we just need to find them!

love y un besito,                                                                             
Elder Andrew

p.s. Some people tell me I talk like an argentine (one mission goal down!)