Sunday, July 13, 2014
2nd place.....
Brazil decime que se siente! tener en casa tu papa! There is the beginning of a song the argentines loved to sing for the world cup and even though we aren’t world champs this time, we at least finished ahead of Brazil, or at least that is how the people here think haha. On Wednesday they played against the Netherlands (who took second in 2010 and always finishes high) and the country was pumped. The game was at 5 and by 3:30 the streets were empty and no one wanted to talk. Around 5:15 we went to an investigators house but should have just headed back to the pench because they just made us watch the game! Then at 7 we went to a noche de hogar (family home evening) that we had scheduled but the game went into overtime so the noche de hogar was just watching overtime, and penalty kicks! Then, when they won, everyone went crazy! Fireworks were lit off, drums were banged, people running and yelling in the streets, and cars driving by waving flags and honking. When we got to the station in Quilmes there was a HUGE mass of people that was blocking the whole street just dancing and parting! It was like nothing I ever saw and was even better than the 9th of July, Argentina Independence Day! Other futbol (soccer) news, I scored two goals today playing with the zone, some call me the next Messi haha. (Messi is the big Argentina soccer star) but to be honest I am glad the mundial (World Cup) has come to an end because now we can just work like normal and not have so much distraction. It is a bit sad how sacred futbol is here.On Sunday we were ordered by president to stay in the pension all day and my comp went out on our balcony to try and listen to a neighbor who had the game on really loud haha, I don’t blame him poor guy I mean he did play in a professional league before the mission. It must have been difficult to not be able to geek out with this mundial. On Wednesday we had interviews with the president and they were super good! I was the first one to be interviewed because we had to get there early to set everything up and were going to do something different.... practices! Every elder or sister had their interview and then had an hour of practices with us and the assistants. So my interview went well. He really is a really good man and a person can just feel relaxed around him, always smiling. Then the practices were awesome! I got to be with my old friend elder Godoy to do all of them! He goes home in two weeks so it was really special to be able to teach with him. I also could learn from a lot of the Hermanas and Elders in the zone, we really are blessed to have a really good zone with good teachers. Because of that and an intercambio (exchange) and then Sunday in the pench we hardly got to work in our area the whole week, but this week we are all pilas ready to go! Elder Suarez is helping me to have a greater desire to get to really know the scriptures and to read a lot more. Today I finished "Our Heritage" really good book, and started on Jesus the Christ. I read those at night or sometimes while I eat breakfast, sure am learning a lot! I love this work and will try to do it even better, because none of us is perfect and we can always get better! I love all of you very much!
Elder Andrew
p.s. I don’t know if you want me to be trunking or something with all your reminding me that I almost have one year in the mission! I try not to think about it :( I’ll just have to really aprovechar the second one! :)