Monday, June 30, 2014 2:01 PM
Quilmes 101

That’s cool mom that you did some studying on this place, you probably now know more about it that 95% of the people that live here haha. No there isn’t any ocean in my area, and there is a railroad track that divides the place but I don’t know the other side of the tracks. We actually live in a place called Ezpeleta at least that is what the train station is called next to our pension. Well I am getting to know my area better and also my companion. It still isn’t too easy but oh well what else can you do? haha. It is sad as we go around and I get to know the members better I am seeing a sadly common theme. They may be active in the church but they aren’t being active in the gospel. It is split up into groups and there are several class divisions as well; wealthy, middle, and poor. It makes me sad and if the ward isn’t good it makes it super hard to work. But I just keep thinking in what Jesus said to his apostles that if they had faith even like a grain of mustard then they could tell mountains to be valleys and they would do it. What a great trial I have ahead of me! What a great opportunity to see the Lord’s hand in action. I know I am but one small elder but I know also that the Lord has put me here with a reason. So what if the members don’t do much, so what if people don’t let us in, so what if it is hard/nearly impossible to find new investigators, so what if it isn’t the best companionship yet, so what if all the bad things in the world happen. I’m on a mission! I am part of the Lord’s force! He can work through me and will be there to guide me. Every time I seek Him in humble prayer He helps me out. There are great things that await us here. Remember to never give up on yourselves and don’t give up on the Lord either. Magnify your callings, and make the difference in the lives of those around you. I love you all very much and your words of support help me to keep going.

With much love,
Elder Benjamin Andrew