The district having tacos a few weeks ago.

Monday, March 31, 2014 10:03 AM

Argentina is just so awesome i could faint...

I was sad not to see an email from dad but I understand, you should get a gmail account because it automatically saves your email as you type. You seem to have had a few times that this has happened so maybe that is a possible solution. We Elder Crowther and I are rocking it right now. We get along well and we have fun. He seems to have had a few tough companions and his last one Really tough and so I try to help him enjoy himself. We have taken up playing chess again! Anyway, back to the subject of this email... yesterday I fainted! How weird right. I felt sick and weird in sacrament meeting but then I went to the bathroom and felt better. No one (including "active" members came to church because it rained so we just all had the same class so I got to learn about José (Joseph) of old as well. Then, after the final class, the sick, pained, weird feeling came back and I was talking with the Hermana about the lunches we were going to have for the week and then I started feeling really bad and she asked if I was okay because I looked pale and I sat down in a chair and the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and there were these people all above me rushing around and two hermanos holding my hands. From the chair to the floor without realizing! It was pretty weird. Elder C told me that I sat down and then kind of just slumped forward and then they tried to lean me back to see if I was alright and then I fell out of the chair. It was a bit embarrassing and kind of strange but a little cool as well haha. After lunch we went back to the pension to rest a bit and I call President and then the nurse of the mission. She told me some weird name and says that it sometimes happens when the immune system isn’t at its fullest and your blood pressure just sometimes drops and that it is normal and nothing to worry about. I am pretty sure it is thanks to the fact that it was hot in the night and then cold the next day. Anyway, I drank a lot of water and we left to finish working in the night. Right now I feel perfectly fine and it is nothing to worry about (even though I know you are going to worry mom haha). I thought about not telling you but since it is no big deal it is more of just a funny story for me. As for the work we worked a lot this week getting to know all the members for my companion and also try to build their confidence.  To me, if the members are working then the area is successful so even though we didn’t have a million lessons with investigators this week I feel like we really made some ground with our members and we will now take them all out to do visits with us and some of them have already started giving us references. You are so lucky to have the missionaries coming around. I wish we had that when I was younger but I hardly even remember them coming to our ward. I am sure that they love you and will love you even more if you try and help them out with visits and with getting to know their investigators in church and maybe even a reference here and there. Maybe offer our house to bring an investigator over for a family home evening. Get creative and do your own missionary work! Us missionaries aren’t the only ones that can come up with creative new ideas to get more people to know the gospel. Well, everything is good here.  We have a couple people with baptismal dates that have promise but we are still really early on in the teaching process and will have to see! I love you all very much and hope you are all doing very well!


Elder Andrew
Avellaneda at night