Monday, March 24, 2014 1:33 PM
mas cambios
Well we both knew it was coming..... Elder Dahl left! He had been here for 6 months and he did a really good job. The members really did love him. He is such a good example to me, we worked hard even on his last day here even finding 3 new investigators. Now that is a good missionary! Now I am with Elder Crowther (another yankee from Utah!). They are just sending them all to me! But he is really cool and we are already getting along well. He was waiting in Georgia for two transfers so technically has more time than me in the mission. I also heard that my trainer Elder Aldana got sick and got sent home. How weird, I hope he can get better. Today in the transfer meeting all the missionaries that are going home give their testimonies and today was a little different because there were two old missionary couples that finished their missions and were going home. They gave such sweet and pure testimonies and you could tell the love they have for the gospel. It really was neat to hear them and I hope that you mom and dad will serve a mission once you can. With the music, Mom, yes, please do put conference talks and if you put this conference too that would be awesome! Glad to hear that Dad and Daniel are keeping active with their cycling. Well I know this is going to be a hard few weeks because I know the area, but not super, super well so there are going to be some times of getting lost for sure haha, but it is alright. I am sure we will learn fast. We taught the grandson of Magdalena and he is super awesome, he seems really prepared and is smart and did his reading assignment... and more! The only thing is that he is living with his girlfriend.... we will get to that with him a little later. Then the lord is protecting us and helping us out every step of the way. Sometimes the mission can seem really hard or a day really lame but if we look back at the end of each day we can see many little miracles and many tender mercies of the Lord that really do shape our lives. We are working with one family of less actives that are now coming back to church. He was a bishop’s counselor and some say he was destined to be the bishop of the Ward but then the family went inactive for some little reason I think. Also, they were very active in the church but the hermano has told us that they kind of took for granted the things of the gospel and now after this time of inactivity they have realized really how important it is and that they lives were missing it. They have been inactive for several years and 70´s have passed by their house and lots of members but with the Lord’s time now they are starting to come back. They will help the Ward a lot and I think could be the key to reactivating a lot of other members. We are also trying to work with the friends of the young man son and seeing some promise there. The Familia Villalba se llama (their name is the Villalba family) and they are pretty awesome. I want to have them teach me GuaranĂ­ because they are from Paraguay so we will see how that goes! I sent you two fotos of the baptism and those same fotos we had printed up and gave them to Magdalena as a gift and she was really happy. I can see a difference in her life and she answers the door with a smile more deep. I don’t really know how to explain it, but after her confirmation she has changed. It is like a doubt that one of our inactives has, that he thinks that making covenants isn’t necessary if you are just a good person, but I can see the difference that sacred covenants have made in her life and have definitely made a difference in mine! I love you all so much and hope the best for you!
Mucho amor y besitos.,
Elder Andrew