Monday, March 10, 2014 1:56 PM
Chugging onward

Okay Dad, I will answer your question and then ask a few. “The Croods” was in castillano (Castillian Spanish) and had castillano subtitles as well and the subtitles didn’t always match what they were saying which seemed weird to me. Anyway, I wanted to ask what you did in your district meetings. We always learn from preach my gospel and things like that but you had memorized discussions, so what was the deal with district meetings. Also what did you do when you were a leader in your mission? The package got here!! The pants work very well and the sweets are very welcome! We used some taco seasoning already today because we made and ate tacos as a district, I’ll try to send some photos next week. On Thursday we had zone conference and it was really good, and we learned a lot. The president is really, really pushing working with members, it really is the only way of "hastening the work" so remember that and work with the good missionaries that you have over there in Glenview! I also got to see Elder Juarez who is now the assistant and lived in the pension with me for my first transfer in Lanus. He leaves in a week and it is just so weird. The time is flying. We have two weeks left in the transfer and I think Elder Dahl will probably leave, but you never know in the obra (work) what will happen. Magdalena had her two interviews and passed both of them and so will be baptized on Saturday. It was a bit different with her because she was basically a convert a long time ago but couldn’t get baptized because she was living with a man without being married. He left, I don’t know how long ago, and the missionaries barely started teaching her thanks to a reference right before I got here. So, she already had a testimony we just had to remind her of a few things! An hermano that is a recent convert that is on fire is going to do the baptism and Elder Dahl is going to do the confirmation. We are having certain success with reactivating families. One family where they are members menos the dad came back for the first time when I got here and haven’t stopped coming, even going to the church activities. The 14 year old boy told us that he has started reading the Book of Mormon and seemed proud to say he is already in 1 Nephi 7. The dad has come a few times but the wife told us not to teach him yet but we will see in time. The Sunday before this one, two members brought investigators that we had never seen before to church and they are both super good. All the people that have baptismal dates don’t come to church though..... Oh well, back to the grind. What else can you do? I love this work and this area is really awesome, I am such a different person now and will only continue to change. It is now a treat to me if I get some extra time to read in the scriptures. Hopefully I can keep it going like this! I know that this church is true and that if we can try to share the gospel even if it is just posting something on facebook that we can feel more of the spirit and make a real difference!


Elder Andrew

p.s. Dad could you tell me the story on the family that you baptized. The one with the guy with one arm, I was wondering about it this week.