Jan. 12, 2015
Weird thing happened today...... I don't know if you remember any of the people from my MTC group, but anyway the sisters from my MTC group go home today. That is weird. I am staying with Elder Garcia so we'll seeing how "killing" someone goes haha. We can feel the prayers and things are really going pretty good here in Budge. We are working a lot with the menos activos (less actives) and this Sunday we had 96 in sacramental (sacrament meeting) ! That is a lot considering the last one was like 73 and our goal for the year is to have a solid 100 in sacramental (sacrament meeting) so almost there already! I feel like the Lord is really pouring his spirit over this place. He is preparing people to hear the gospel and people to come back. A lot of people are ready because of certain circumstances in their lives starting to think seriously about what they are doing and going through a repentance process. For example, a new family came to church on Sunday, the family Ramos. We didn't know who they were and as we talked to them we found out that the father is a member that had been a bit inactive for a while. Because of the fact that their children are growing up and they want to put them on a good path, he began searching the church and went to a different ward where they told him he really corresponded to our ward. So him and his family showed up about 40 minutes early because they didn't know at what time church started. That looks like to me people that are really looking for a change. We set up an appointment with them for Tuesday so we will see how it goes. Kenny and Monica are both ready and Saturday will be their baptism! Two people super ready. I feel so grateful to be in this grand mission. I love you all. See you next week!

Elder Andrew