One year older and wiser too!
Nov. 10, 2014

Well this last week was pretty sweet, we are working pretty hard with elder Cottrell and have a lot of ground to cover so we try not to waste time. Things are heating up again but there are already clouds in the sky so looks like rain. Cool announcement..... Elder Nelson comes to talk to our mission on Thursday! How cool is that! An apostle and just our mission! Hopefully he doesn't drop the cane on us. Something we are really focusing on with my comp is doing more contacts. We set daily goals of how many people we are going to do contacts with and then try to push ourselves to get those goals. We find some prepared people that way, but I feel like the best result of it is that we can have the spirit stronger and new investigators just come out of nowhere. Like random members from other wards coming up to us to give us references (that happened today). I feel like as we show the Lord we are willing to push ourselves to proclaim the gospel he lets us find more people and abundantly blesses us. The ward is getting pretty pumped up to do visits and the leaders of most of the organizations really want to get working so we are going to use that. We have a goal to pass by every leaders house this week to see how we can help them out with their different responsibilities. That is what the missionaries are here for, to serve the ward. So if you have a need, use them in your ward! Then on Sunday we had a kid just show up in church. Apparently he has been coming to mutual for a while and just wanted to go to church. He is 16 years old and seems pretty cool. We set up to go teach him and his family on Friday! We have Mara, a girl in a part member family, that has a date for the 29th come to church. We started calling in between our set appointments to make sure she was keeping her commitments and she has really started progressing. She is a little slower learning wise but we are seeing a big progress since we started and also cool that her family that was less active is also putting the pilas (?) and doing more things as well! When they went they were a bit afraid but thankfully we talked to the president of the mujeres jovenes (YW president) before and she help her out a lot to feel comfortable. Working with the members, it is the Lord's way! I am reading now in 3 Nephi in the part where Jesus is here teaching in the Americas and am also reading in Juan (John) in my New Testament studies. The teachings of Christ seem so clear and precious and I just want the people to understand them as well. I am also very grateful for the Book of Mormon that helps me to better understand the Bible and visa versa. The Bible working with the Book of Mormon are some of the strongest tools we have and that God has given us. So you had better be using them! Well, we will see if someone makes me a cake tomorrow! I love you all very much y espero que se quiden (and I hope that you be careful)!


Elder Andrew