Monday, June 2, 2014 8:46 AM
The work accelerates.

We had another very busy week as it sounds like you all did too. The summer is a great time to do a lot of scripture reading! ;) and sharing the gospel. You guys are just growing up so fast I can’t believe it. I hope that you boys enjoyed a boys only week at home. I always loved those. Well we are preparing Noelia for baptism. We have taught her all the lessons and gave the pre interview, and we hope that she gets baptized this Saturday the 7th. She really has changed a lot and it is impressive that with all the trials she has had, like the loss of her baby, that she has followed and wants this to be a part of her life. More updates on that next week! Just remember to keep praying for her to make it and then to keep going after! We keep on trying to teach more lessons and got it done, teaching 6 lessons in one afternoon on Friday! Let’s just say that we are getting back to the pension pretty tired haha. We are trying to open our mouths more to share the gospel just with people in the street and stuff and it is paying off. This week we found a new family that is evangelist and go to church two times a week! They told us about a whole bunch of problems that led them to have their faith and seemed pretty receptive to our message. I hope that we can help them to find for themselves the reality of this gospel; because with the faith they already have you can tell they would be awesome members of the church. We also got a reference from a lady that we contacted in her kiosko to visit her daughter. We made plans to contact her the next day. With my enforced studies of “Preach My Gospel” I learned in chapter 9 that you should try to contact a reference within 24 hours and then afterwards sometimes you have been given that reference because someone around them is prepared so we should make plans to do some contacts with the neighbors and in the neighborhood. Well we went to contact the reference and no one was there, but confiding in “Preach My Gospel” we knock the door of the neighbor. We talked with some ladies there and then this very big man (so big I looked up to him, felt small, and was a bit scared) came out. He told us that he had rented part of his house to missionaries almost 30 years ago! He was interested in meeting with us and we set up an appointment to go back. When we went back he had forgotten but seemed even more interested and wanted a Book of Mormon and told us he was remembering some of the stuff from before. Then we tried the reference again and this time she was there. She seemed pretty confused at first because we said her mom had sent us and she was super confused, but as she felt the Spirit she invited us to come back another day and even started telling us about some problems she was having, even getting a bit emotional. Those are both families and so we hope to at least find two more families next week! How great it is to be a “preach my gospel” missionary! But probably the highlight of my week was yesterday. This Saturday the young men and young women went to do baptism for the dead in the temple. Facundo went and got his recommend and was, as he said, "baptized two Saturdays in a row".  It was quite impressive and then on Sunday they sustained him to become a deacon. He is super timid and so we were quite surprised when he popped up on the stand to give his testimony. He talked about what a spiritual experience the temple had been for him and that he knew that God was helping him and he knew this church was true. He sounded like a member of all his life! As he spoke it was very emotional and the room seemed to fill with light. I felt like the sons of Mosiah in Alma 26 where they talk about how great their converts were and how blessed they were to be the Lord’s servants. I don’t think I can understand how important this work is, and I feel very humbled at His great power and mercy. I love this work and I love all of you very much, until next week.

Elder Andrew