Monday, May 26, 2014 9:00 AM

back in business

Well there is a picture from the baptism, the one that baptized Facundo is named Christian and he hopes that his mission call comes this week. We worked super hard this week, and bundled up a lot (it is getting really cold for a poor little Arizona boy). Even though it was raining a few days we put our confidence in doing shorter lessons and hoping that we would be able to find more people to teach if we did. And it worked! We taught about 4 to 5 lessons almost every day! One of the days we visited a returned missionary that has his wife and a baby girl but hasn’t been coming to church. One of the reasons is that he works on Sunday and Saturday, and he told us that he is discouraged and that has gotten super lazy with the things of the church and that his wife was kind of arguing with him the other night about it and said it was no coincidence that we just happened to be in the neighborhood with a bit of time. I actually had the impression that we needed to visit the person that lives above him but turns out I was led there to visit him I think. We had a spiritual experience and then invited him to come out with us to do visits on Friday. When we left with him on Friday you could tell that the light of the mission came back in his eyes. I think that he was more benefitted than the people we visited! He said he needed to start looking for another job and maybe just put the faith to quit his job! He also came to all of church that he could before work yesterday. The lord loves his children and he knows how to succor them. Then we had the baptism of Facundo which was just super cool earlier in the week. We had to drain and clean the font with buckets because the pump didn’t work but I was willing to do it. We had a good member turn out and you could tell he was happy even though he said the water was cold. He was also gifted church clothes by the members and so came on Sunday looking like such a church boy. His teacher in Sunday School did the confirmation. Another miracle is that his mom switched her horario (schedule) at work and now doesn’t work on Sundays; she was also in church yesterday. We keep fighting and loving and working. You are all in my prayers.

Elder Andrew