Monday, May 19, 2014 1:19 PM

The weekly from Avellaneda 2

Well things are coming along. Just so you know Mom I recently started writing in my journal again and have set aside a little time at night now to do it. This week as I was studying I found a scripture Jacob 4:4-6 that made me think of you guys, it talks about how they keep those records so that those that come after them with know that they were believers of Jesus Christ. It kind of stuck out to me and made me think of the kind of testimony that I want to give to me kids. I want them to know that I believe in Christ and for them to search him out for them selves. I also want to thank you two parents for doing that with me, for sharing and living your testimony of Jesus Christ. Your example has inspired me to try this gospel out for myself and to find my own testimony of Him. So that was something cool I found. On Thursday we went out to do visits with someone who just recently got back from his mission. He walked super fast (I thought I walked fast) knocked the doors for us and did a bunch of talking. You could tell he wasn’t just going to leave his mission behind him haha. He is super cool though and super pumped to help us out and help out the ward as well. He even asked the ward secretary for a list of recent converts to be able to go and visit them. Wow! Then on Friday we had the zone conference with president and we talked a lot about the incitive piloto (pilot program they are doing). It is pretty cool and they made a schedule for us to read every single thing in preach my gospel in 25 weeks. I really love that book and it really is the key to being a better missionary and am looking forward to a 25weeks deeper journey through it. Hope that you are all still reading in there, I have started taking it with me to be able to share with the members in lunch and stuff. Such a great book! We had Silvia (the lady that has been inactive for 20 years) come back to church on Sunday! She was really happy, the relief society welcomed her and she even was asking for an envelope so that she could pay here tithing. Hopefully she is back to stay and is reading the Book of Mormon aful! She was already in Jacob and we only gave her the book a few weeks ago! Just goes to show that that book changes lives. Then with Noelia we are starting to make progress we put a goal for her baptism on the 7 of June and we are working steadily towards it and have all the support of the ward (they visit them without us even asking!) Lily was back in church this Sunday and is about back to normal but we still just need something that will pierce her hard heart and make her let the spirit in, but she has got a good base and we will see what we can do. Then we have Facundo Gonzalez, he is going to get baptized on Saturday. We were hoping to baptize him mom and sister on that date as well but the both lack a few things and he is ready and the mom want him to be baptized first. He really is an amazing kid. He is only 13 but says he took Moroni’s challenge and got an answer. When I ask him why he wants to get baptized he says because he believes in it all and has read the Book of Mormon and he loves it. He is super timid and it is hard for him to express himself but you can tell he has a deep testimony. He even said he wants to go on a mission someday. He is just so cool! Also cool is that a kid in our ward who is waiting for his call is the one who is going to be baptizing him! Two birds with one stone. We help the kid get ready for his mission and Facundo gets to be baptized, oh and we get to worry more about doing the program than being in clothes and all of that stuff. More awesomeness to come I love this work, a lot!


Elder Andrew