Monday, February 24, 2014 1:02 PM

I am glad to hear that you are willing to make sacrifices to fulfill your calling Dad many would say that they were tired and how important are a couple rowdy 12 year olds anyway, but not my dad he will go the extra mile, thank you for being such a good example for me. My district is the zone leaders and a set of hermanas so maybe not your typical district but I am doing what I can. I hope that your missionary efforts are going well and that you are continually inviting the people. This week we found a lot of people. all the people we are teaching have different needs, are at different levels of understanding and spirituality so it makes it an interesting challenge to teach them all, but as we study and teach we learn much together. We are starting to ask everyone, active members included; how they are doing on their scripture reading and finding that even some of the faithful members aren’t reading their scriptures everyday, so we start with that because before they can help us out they need to be on a spiritual level to be able to. I hope that all of you are dedicating yourselves to personal scripture study and really searching for greater truth and knowledge every day. So that you know Shaun’s brother Brett died and Shaun is home for the funeral, the mission president said he is one of the best missionaries. Keep the family in your prayers and do what you can to help them in this very hard time. Sorry I don’t have more time to write.

With a lot of amor,

Elder Andrew