Monday, February 10, 2014 11:38 AM
Los cambios vienen
First and foremost I did get transferred! I am now in Avellaneda in the area Avellaneda 2 which is way bigger than my last area. We live in a big apartment building on the tenth floor, the pench (apartment) is pretty nice and my new comp Elder Dahl (Logan, Utah) seems pretty awesome. He only has one less transfer than me but I am the comp mayor and his district leader. Yeah, that’s right, President also asked me to be a district leader. It seems like every change just brings its new challenges and this to bring me back to ground zero... oh well it is the best way to learn. It was hard and weird to say goodbye to the ward and to my three companions but I did it and now I am here. I already met the ward mission leader. He is a young returned missionary who seems very excited to work. I am excited too; there is just so much newness ahead of me! This past week was definitely different. We found a husband of a less active lady that we had just barely found and started teaching so hopefully the other elders can help them out. Then on Viernes (Friday) it rained, and rained, and then rained some more. As you can probably see the whole place got pretty flooded. But we decided to take advantage of the situation and leave to go and help people and so that is what we did, we spent all day wading through water offering help and doing service. It was different, fun and very tiring but I think we helped to change some people’s perspectives or at least let them see the missionaries aren’t just annoying guys that knock on your door. Then, by the next day all the water had left and we helped one member family that had their house flooded really bad clean it out. Because of that we had to do our weekly planning on Saturday afternoon because we left on Friday when we would normally do it. As we were doing it, it just started raining a whole bunch and I thought "oh no all these poor people. It can’t flood again and what if this makes it so that we can’t have the baptism" so I told Elder Corry we should pray so that the rain would stop and so we did, and it did! We then gave a prayer of thanks and as you could see Camila was baptized! She is so awesome and pure. I am just a little sad I won’t get to be there to see the confirmation or to help out the rest of her family activate (right now it is just Camila y Marcela la madre) She said she was going to miss me and I gave her a dollar bill with my signature to remember me by. Then later on Sunday night we had a meeting with Flia Caseres (the Caseres Family) and Malvina. We talked and exchanged information to stay in contact and ate some pizza. Malvina gave me a recuerdo (souvenir/gift) that was a little rabbit that has a heart that says "te quiero". I thought it was a bit strange but I’ll keep it anyway. I left them with my testimony and poor Malvina was crying but I know she will be okay; she is going to go on vacation to visit her family in Entre Rios and she asked us for Books of Mormon so that she could give them out to her family! que capa! I will let you know if I become aware of any of the results of that. My new companion I have heard is very obedient and it seems so to me. He wants to work and he wants to get baptisms. He also told me a Ward goal is to have the requirements to be able to build their own capilla (chapel) by the end of the year, so we will definitely help out with that. By the way there is a Wal-Mart like ten blocks from the pension.... I like this place already! Keep up the great work and keep inviting your friends to come to activities and everything, I know that you will!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Andrew