Monday, December 9, 2013 11:52 AM

Bueno, esta semana fue excelente y muy dificil pero asi es en la mision. (Well, this week has been excellent and very difficult but such is the mission.) Are you still going to have those missionary mom meetings? Bennet told me he is training now too and is a district leader, talk about responsibility, but I knew that my best friends were studs and still totally are. Blake said he doesn’t have any spanish investigators, I couldn’t imagine that, sometimes I get frustrated with Spanish but I just love it so much and the people that speak it and how the culture is that I couldn’t really imagine it different. I am trying to talk is more spanish with Elder Corry and he is learning really quick. He is a cool elder and it will be cool to hang out with him after because he will be going to UVU as well. Could you get me Shaun’s email, I really want to email that guy. Oh Elder Reynoso went home due to his back and won’t be able to come back out for a year or two. I was sad but he really should have taken care of those problems before, I will still try and keep in contact with him though. The area....... Lanus 1b..... this week was like a rollercoaster. We were teaching Alejandra in the beginning of the week and everything was going well, then de repente (suddenly) her kids got sick and when we went there on Saturday she said that she couldn’t focus with them sick like that so it wouldn’t serve anything to have the lesson and said she wouldn’t be able to come to church either.... the devil is stooping pretty low to try and get her through her little kids, but I guess that isn’t a problem for him. However, we are not going to stop fighting, if she doesn’t get baptized it will not be from lack of effort on our part. We also sacked a fecha (date) with Hady who lives just down the street from Alejandra and she went to the house of the Familia  Casares and was impressed with what she saw of them and want to have that sure knowledge of the life to come, so we taught a little bit about that. She didn’t come to church either but we will she what we can do about that next week. I just want to let you know that the Familia Casares are super capos. Their son died and you could see their testimonies in that moment and because of that example they are now helping several people know the church and their inactive kids are starting to come back. The novia (girlfriend) of the son that died came to church on Sunday and is currently living with them. We taught her on Sunday and put the date for her to get baptized on the 28. Milvana is her name. She seemed really happy when we set the date and I think she really is super prepared. We will buckle down for the hard times that will most definitely come but we know who our master is and that if we stick with him we will not lose. The truth is sometimes it is hard for me because I haven’t had any baptisms still but I know that I just need to keep working baptisms or not. I didn’t come here to get a million baptisms I came here to invite people to come to Christ and as long as I am really trying to do that then things will be okay. We are working hard and we will continue to just work even harder. Elder Goody is really fun to be with and we have already been here for 6 weeks together and Elder Haynie is really awesome and funny too. (Elder Goody and Elder Haynie are the zone leaders that also live with Ben and Elder Corry) Life is pretty good and I just need to remember to enjoy it. We do see miracles every day, and what I think is one of the greatest miracles of all is that someone can really be converted by just doing three simple things. Reading, praying, and going to church. entonces les invito a que lean, oren, y vayan a la iglesia. I love you all very much.

Elder Andrew

                                    Elder Corry and I chumming it up!