October 14, 2013

Wow no longer Elders Quorum President. (Brian was released from being EQP yesterday) Well Brother Allen (new 1st Counselor) was a ward missionary so I guess you will be that next Dad and then you can take all the great advice I give you and use it haha just kidding. Thank you for fulfilling your calling, I can’t remember who said it and if it was in conference or not, but if you want your family to be blessed then you have to really magnify your calling. I certainly enjoyed the short time I got to have you as my priesthood leader. Mom made a comment on what I write, to remember my week because so much happens through out the week I will write in my to do list column in my planner what I want to write about to you guys, so it helps to have a script before. This one might be short though because today is the day of the races or algo asi (something like that) and everything is closed... Everything! I was going to cut my hair but I have to wait and so when we finally found a cyber that was open it is 5 and we only have an hour and now only about 20 minutes, which is too bad because out of all the weeks this is the one that a lot happened. I mentioned Elder Godoy and when he came back from the hospital his cast was too tight so we had to have President pick us up in the night and take us to the hospital, and then they couldn’t help him out until the next day, so we were out almost until 1 o’clock for pretty much no reason. But it was an adventure! Elder Aldana has 14 months in the mission. (I had asked how long Elder Aldana had in the mission. Not sure why he answered that question right in the middle of his Elder Godoy story.  He must have been in a hurry!) Then when we went and he did get it fixed he had to stay in the pension (apartment) for a few days to recuperate, so I took the first shift of staying, which was only a half day luckily. He slept a lot and I watched a lot of “the district” and ate dulce de leche (SOOO GOOOD). It was nice to get a tiny break and to receive training from those videos, because that really is what they are. I also did some language study stuff. The next day I went out with Elder Dodge and Elder Aldana stayed in the pension. We had a really good day. I really like Elder Dodge and I had to navigate because we were in my area but Elder Aldana has never given me the map or really forced me to learn the area so we got lost a few times. Elder Dodge told me the best way to learn an area is to get lost anyway haha.  I had some pictures to send but I’ll send those next time. Let me tell you about Luisa. We found her knocking doors at 8 o’clock at night and she just let us in her house, crazy. This was a week or so ago and she came to conference. Elder Dodge and I visited her and she had read and reread the leccion 3 folleto (lesson 3 pamplet) that we had given her. As we were teaching she kept making references to it and said that even though it is hard for her to remember things and understand (she is 65) she feels like God is helping her, And we definitely know that he is helping her because of her efforts. Then on Sunday she came to church by herself 30 minutes early! We were very pleasantly surprised and humbled at the Lord’s work. We have a great responsibility now to really teach her and need to teach her a lot because she has a fecha por 26 de octubre (date for October 26). Oh I got a letter back from Sis Valentino that was dated in September. How is her husband doing since his surgery? Also, I have not gotten the package. Suggestions would be, mac and cheese, pop corn in microwave bags, ranch mix (Elder Dodge had some, we made it and it was delicious) and I don’t know.  I’ll keep thinking about it, but definitely the mac and cheese. (I had asked Ben what he might like in a package since his birthday is in Nov. and it will soon be Christmas as well) On that note I cooked a re pasta the other day that I thought was pretty good, I’ll send you a picture later, I was pretty proud. Also on Sunday we were going for an antiguo investigador (old investigator) and they told us that he lived a few houses down, Elder Aldana thought they were lying but I said we should check it out anyway. We found Laura and her three daughters, one whose name is Alma (there is a good sign!) She has been having a tough time of late and we hope we can help her and her daughters out; the boyfriend is part of the pain because he is always in and out and they have been separated for some time now, and she has a baby on the way, which she said she wants to name Benjamin. Sign? I think so. It was pretty crazy and although miracles are always there we are really starting to see them in full. Well out of time I love you all and Brenda and Levi sorry I didn’t get to your email this week I will read and respond next week! Send my saldudos a zach ! (His friend Zach just got his mission call to Peru)


Elder Andrew