Monday, October 28, 2013 7:42 AM

Well funny thing about the workouts.... this week from Monday to about Wednesday Thursday I felt pretty sick. My head hurt, my eyes hurt, my body felt achy and weak. It was weird because it just came out of no where. So for that week I cut out exercise in the morning to recuperate. But I want to let you know that that is the only thing I cut out of my morning routine, I made sure I ate, showered, shaved and was ready to study at 8. And then I studied. I left the pension even though I felt pretty weak some days and my head hurt bad, and I didn’t complain. I have unfortunately seen the opposite many times and I don’t want to be that way. I think sometimes I am learning more from what I see that I don’t like or what I see that I say "I will not let that be me in the future." We had a really good meeting about obedience on Thursday. And this week in my personal studies I dedicated a certain time each day to study the Christ like attribute of humility. Humility is said to be the fountain of all other attributes and I really do believe that. With respect to obedience those who are disobedient lack humility and faith. It is like Nephi always says to his brothers, that the things he says are hard to them because they lack faith and humility. The way that we can be humble is explained in Alma 32 especially verses 13 - 16. We can either humble ourselves because we have a circumstance that makes us be humble, or we can humble ourselves because of the Word of God. We are much more blessed if we humble ourselves because of our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and faith that God knows better than we do. I would suggest the same for you in your personal studies to use chapter 6 in “Preach My Gospel” and take it slow like one attribute a week. This week I will be studying specifically patience which I can definitely use. A lot of times I get upset with my trainer because he will break a rule, because he appears lazy to me, or I feel like he isn’t training me very well. But I think he really is trying and I am trying to have a more Christ like outlook and it is helping. I really don’t know his past all too well but when I try to put myself in his shoes I can understand him better, and I really do have love for my companion, he has done a lot for me and I need to let him know more. Expressions of love are so important. I think that probably one of the biggest expressions of love is listening. Like mom said don’t jump in and just start giving advice without really listening. As you clear your mind of what you are going to say and simply focus and what the person is telling you the Spirit will guide you in what you need to say. Carolyn, I have felt that way many times and still feel like it a lot. I feel like no one has the same drive as me sometimes, I feel like no one is listening to me and that sometimes my companion doesn’t have real interest in me. But I can promise you that there is one person who understands, there is one person who felt everything you have. That felt the stress of having a hard class, of having friends that are doing things they shouldn’t, the stress of trying to be strong but feeling so weak. That person is our Savior, Jesus Christ. When the hard times come put your faith in him and in time the hard times will pass and you will know and have no doubt as to who is on your side and will know of a surety that the Lord is always with you. May God bless you my family you really are great examples to me, and Heavenly Father could not have blessed me with a better family. I am so blessed.


Elder Andrew