Monday, October 21, 2013 12:13 PM

Oh man, I’m starting to get stretch marks.......... ON MY BICEPS! haha I wish, my companion very lovingly calls me "Little chubby" sometimes. I did make "La biblia de ejercicio" and has a different mini workout for each day which makes it much easier to work out because I have a plan, and to really push myself. Elder Dodge was doing it with me, but now it is pretty much just back to me exercising alone in the morning. Elder Aldana says that I am so active in the morning because I am still fresh, but I don’t think so, I wake up pretty tired usually.

Package: Mac and Cheese, Ranch, three Little flags (two de usa y una de mexico), Also please send me a few 1 dollar bills to give to investigators or converts, Microwave popcorn, Real old spice deodorant (they mostly just have spray stuff here, and I ran out), Jump rope, and please transfer like 200 or 300 dollars to my personal debit card. Is that enough? If you can’t send all that stuff or it is too expensive don’t worry about it. I finally got your first package! Too bad it is a Little late for winter clothes as it is getting pretty humid!

We got something to kill the mosquitoes. I got a haircut finally and the lady had interest in the church and said she had gone when she lived in Paraguay but she left before i got her address or anything, so we will go by another time to talk with her.

Also please send me a 4 generation pedigree chart. Sorry I’m just asking and asking. Thank you for all the help and support that you do give me.

I preparing to teach a noche de hogar (family home evening) and reading in the manual and I came across the idea to make a family holiday. Dia de los Andrews. You could just have a special night maybe do a gift Exchange on some specific date of the year. I was getting so excited, but then I remembered that I won’t be there for the first one haha. I’m glad the block party was a success keep up the good neighborly love.

Yesterday was dia de las madres aca (Mother’s Day here). Unfortunately I don’t get to call home, but I was thinking of you mom. Thank you for being so good to me and our family. It makes me very grateful when I see some of the broken or breaking families down here. I am also very grateful to have been born in the covenant, that is a privilege that not many have down here, and I am really starting to realize how much of a blessing it really is.
Rain is like poison for church attendance. It rained and once again there was hardly anyone there. Out of the 6 investigators that have baptismal dates 0 por 6 came to church. And it was 7 but here date fell through because she didn’t come. We have a lot of work to do, and Luisa was really sick that is why she didn’t come. But I don’t know if we will be able to teach her everything before the next transfer, her understanding is really very slow and we have to remind her how to pray every time and we only went by one time this week and lost control of the lesson. AY AY Ay the mission has them all, I sure do love it. I was thinking of the people my age going to school right now or starting to work and how blessed am I. I could never have this kind of experience anywhere else except serving in the Buenos Aires South Mission for my Salvador (Savior). We are working a lot and my Spanish is getting a little better.
My head hurts and I can’t really think of much else. I sure love you Andrew family, you are all super studs. Oh also I want a respuesta de todos los miembros de mi familia a esta pregunta (I want an answer from all the members of my family to this question). "Are you all praying to have missionary experiences?" Chow suerte mis queridos. (Good bye and good luck my dear ones)
Elder Andrew