Monday, September 23, 2013 12:28 PM

Dear Family!

Well dad I wish that knocking doors was a thing of the past, but if you aren´t getting references from members and you don´t have lessons.... there isn´t much else to do, but we have gotten a few appointments from it and are excited for a family who we are going back for this week because they were busy with a birthday when we found them but were very nice and gave us water and whatnot. Speaking of birthdays FELIZ CUMPLEAÑO viajito (HAPPY BIRTHDAY old man) congrats on one year closer to the spirit world! We have a lot of appointments tomorrow so it already looks like a promising day, and even though I try to work hard every day I´ll really do it on your birthday. I'll just convert a whole church of evangelistas or something haha. It is funny mom that you say dad said everything you wanted to say but still found a way to write a page and a half haha. Thank you for the story that is awesome and I will remember that the next time a dog gives me problems. Autos are cars the whole bleeping thing was supposed to be a joke about how much the cars honk at each other. This week was Elder Aldanas birthday and we had cake with a member and he seemed to have a good day, I gave him a pencil a watch and a candy bar and today I gave him some socks because he has like three nasty pairs and I have like 30 almost new ones. Today we all cleaned the pension together so maybe my example helped out haha, but it looks and smells a lot better. Also for birthdays here people will get huge banners that have Mickey Mouse, Bart Simpson, Betty Boop, or other figures on them and hang them across the street with the person their age and such, maybe you could do that for dad. Elder Aldana said he wanted to write you so if you get an email all in castillano unfortunately it isn’t me haha. We had stake conference this week and I sat in the very back and couldn´t really hear or understand much, but we did get the information of all the priests in the ward to accompany us and we are definitely going to use that. We had another week with out much success and we have been thinking a lot about self improvement and made a bunch of goals as a pension (part of the reason we actually cleaned today). Elder Aldana and I have been trying to pray more because of how important it is. I really love my personal study time in the morning, sometimes I feel like a balloon, throughout the day I get deflated and then with my study in the morning I´m pumped up for the day. If you are having a tough time don´t forget your study time. I had Elder Juarez design a baptismal calendar in the ciber for me, I got the idea from a teacher in the MTC. It should help our investigators remember what they need to do and take their responsibility more seriously. At least that is what I hope. I have been trying to read some of the new testament everyday and I really love it. I realized that a lot of sayings like the golden rule can be found in Matthew when Jesus is giving his sermon on the mount! pretty cool! We did an exchange on Saturday with the zone leaders that live with us, I went with Elder Dodge and we taught a few lessons. It was only an exchange from 3 to 9 but it was really good. We were going into the church to teach a lesson in the chapel when some people walking by asked if they could use the bathroom. Oh course we let them in, and then we had them trapped! haha, We talked about the Book of Mormon because of a question and a bit about the church and because they live in our area Elder Aldana and I have an appointment with them tomorrow in the chapel. The thing I probably learned the most from the exchange was that we need to make better plans. Sometimes if we get home a little late then Elder Aldana says we will just plan the next day. That didn´t really sit right with me, and now I´m going to make sure that we always plan before going to bed. With good plans all is possible and it all starts with the plans. I am also trying to take more courage and more initiative in the work rather than letting Elder Aldana do the hard spanish stuff. For example, I am carrying the phone today and already made a phone call. It was hard and Elder Aldana had to help me a bit but I can do it, and I need to do it. Why am I not hearing the missionary stories from home? I am going to use a missionary skill right now. will you give a reference to the missionaries in our ward by this Sunday? I know that if you join in the missionary effort in our ward your lives will be blessed and your son will be happy. I love you and hope your week totally rocks!

Elder Andrew