no time
Sept. 28, 2015

Well sorry all of you this week; I have no time to write. The picture is one Sister Thurgood recently took of us here in the mission home writing to our families for a few minutes. Emergency transfers planning sessions and a few other things kind of threw this day out of wack, we haven't even bought groceries yet! I'm doing well and I love all of you very much. Have a fantastic week and may the Lord be with you!


Elder Benjamin Andrew

(It won't let me download the picture.)

Sept. 21, 2015

Well it feels good to be finishing this day and it wasn't too bad because all the elders and sister were gone by 5 o'clock. There were only 8 of them so not too much. Tomorrow we receive 21 new missionaries though! That is going to be an exciting day! Alright here is my week.

Monday- We worked on transfers at night with President, it is like putting together a puzzle. It is pretty fun and interesting.

Tuesday- We had district meeting (it was Mexican Independence Day). Then, we did some things like pay rent and get some x rays from the hospital for an elder. Then, we did some visits and contacted some references. Then, an elder that has a hernia was in the hospital getting the results of an ultra sound and him and his companion stayed the night in our pench (apartment) so that was kind of fun. (We do go to the hospital if there is something serious most of the time. That is something I don't like about this job, it just brings back bad memories)

Wednesday- We "finished" transfers and did some planning with President and then went to the offices to get everything ready for the transfer and have a meeting about the taxis that we use that day. After the meeting we stayed in the offices and did some more things. Then, at night, I drove home and I actually did it pretty smooth with the manual! I'm thinking about getting one when I get home because it is pretty entertaining and then I won't have to lend it to anyone else cause they won't be able to drive it haha!!

Thursday- We did weekly planning and went out to work. Then we got food for the elders and sister that are leaving because they had a capital tour and an auto-sufficiency class. After, we went out and worked some more and contacted a really nice lady that said she went to church when she was a little girl, so we have hope that she will be a good investigator with her family.

Friday- We worked in the morning and then got food for the leaving missionaries for after their temple trip. Then we went out with a member but the visit we had planned fell through.... oh well. At night we had an awesome visit with an active young family that the brother took us to Paula's house in his car and we picked up Paula and her daughter, Maria, and then went back to their house to have a lesson. We had told them what we were going to teach, assigned them a part and told them to please look over the lesson in preach my gospel beforehand. When we got to the house they had pictures to teach with on the table and were super prepared for the lesson. The truth is it went really well and was very spiritual. I testify of the power of working with members so work with them missionaries!

Well, that's my time this week. I guess Saturday and Sunday will just remain a mystery!

I love you all very much and hope you have a wonderful week,

Elder Andrew