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Sept. 14, 2015

Did you get the flight itinerary? Oh and I can"t write now cause we need to go see an elder in the hospital so I'll see if I can write later and if I can't just know that I love you all!
Elder Andrew

otra semana ha pasado

Sept. 7, 2015

To start off I will answer some of your questions. I am doing exercise every morning. I actually just wrote out a more stable program for what I am going to do and am going to get up a little bit earlier to be able to do a little bit more exercise. Two days of the week I am going to do plyometrics with a P90X DVD and oh man that is a killer! But I am eating more healthy and drinking more water so I feel pretty good that way!

This week has been a little weird with a few things that happened but now we are getting back to normal.

I don't have much time so I'll just say a few highlights.

We finished all of the zone conferences! It was a really good experience and we have really good missionaries in this mission! It will be my last zone conference so that is kind of weird/sad. We also had a leadership counsel with the zone leaders and sister training leader and we have really sharp leaders right now in our mission as well. This month we are really going to focus on chapter 8 of PMG which are the nuts and bolts of missionary work. Friday and Saturday we did an intercambio with some elders where one of them in having problems with being obedient and really not getting along with his companion, in fact the night before we did the intercambio he locked him out of their apartment! So that was fun and really I think the Lord was with me to know how to help that elder out and hopefully I could do it. Fast Sunday was good. We had a young couple move in that lived in Avellaneda 2 so that is cool that they are going to be in our ward now! In our ward council we watched a training from the apostles about keeping the Sabbath day holy.

An invitation that I have for you is to make a family plan for keeping the Sabbath day holy. I think it talks about that on the church website and I am going to try and make a personal plan this week. As we follow the voice of the prophets we will be blessed!


Elder Benjamin Andrew (maybe I need to put my first name now that there are two of us!)