Surprise changes!

Dec. 15, 2014

Well sometimes it is tough for good things to last forever. We received a call from President on Saturday morning to let me know I am being emergency transferred. So after only 8 weeks here in beloved Mayol I am already leaving. My new area will be Ingenderio Budge, which is in the same zone as Lanus, my first area, asi que Back to Banfield! Elder Garcia is going to be my new comp and I already knew him in Quilmes. He was a district leader and I was his zone leader but now we are going to be comps! President told me he is having a tough time and really didn't get along with his last comp (therefore the change) and said he prayed about the whole mission and felt like I was the elder who needed to be his companion. I ask for your prayers in this new change, I hope to help him and will surely learn a lot as well. I feel a little sad leaving here because I didn't have much time and Elder Cottrell and I got along really well and he has really helped me in my progress as a missionary, but when the Lord calls I'm not going to say no. So on Tuesday at 4 we will be making the change. Anyway, this week on Wednesday we had the big Christmas Zone Conference! We did it with the Quilmes Zone so it was fun to see some old friends and talk with Elder Bastias some. We talked a lot about the Navidad (Christmas) and Christ and how we can use this time to better do proselyting, like with "He is the Gift". Then we ate lunch (delicious asado!) and went to the acts. Our zone prepared a nativity skit thing and I had to sing a solo of "Maria Sabias Que" ("Mary Did You Know?") and I was pretty nervous but people told me that it turned out well. After we talked some more and had a short testimony meeting. All in all I think it was probably the best zone conference I have ever been to! The other day there was a hail storm, they are pretty crazy here when they happen and the hail is huge! Well we are not having too much success with getting investigators to progress but a lot of menos activos (less actives) are coming back. The asistance (attendance) on Sunday was 125! Which is quite a bit, we almost didn't fit in the chapel. Do you know how much is an average assitance (attendance) in Glenview Ward? Then on Sunday we did divisions with the hombres jovenes (young men) again and me and my comp went with a joven (youth) of 13 years that is the deacons quorum president. This kid is a K-PO! He was telling us that he prays for the quorum and hopes to be able to help the other deacons come back and be active. Looking for one joven (youth) we found an apostate member that had started his own iglesia evanglica church in his house. It was a really weird visit but we asked the kid, Juan, to give his testimony and he gave such a pure simple and powerful testimony. Jovenes (youth) rock, I wish I had been like that when I was 13. Well I don't have much to say this week but I love you all!

Elder Andrew