Christmas is coming, Elder Andrew is getting fat!
Dec. 8, 2014

Well another good week in Mayol, we are still struggling with getting investigators to progress, or just getting investigators in general haha but a lot of personal growth this week. As I have told you I have really been trying to remember the Savior and think of him during the sacrament and this week I am going to start on the goal to remember him ALWAYS throughout the whole week. That is obviously a hard goal, but it is also the key to always having the Spirit. Speaking which the rap music in the ciber right now doesn't make it that easy haha. Anyway, I feel like I have been doing some fine tuning on skills and obedience this week. We had a very sad lesson the other day with a less active family we have been working with. We were talking about the sacrament, what it means and the importance of taking it and the understood pretty much perfectly and then when we asked them if they would prepare to take the sacrament and go to church they said....... no. It was like a stab to the heart, because it wasn't just like the didn't understand it was them denying against their knowledge. Sad day and if they don't´ get better soon we might stop visiting them for a while. But then maybe it is as Moroni tells us in the last chapters of Mormon to not get mad because of the mistakes of others but to give thanks to God for having seen the errors and being able to be better. How great and true is the Book of Mormon! Hopefully I can finish it off this week I am in Ether 10 right now, so not that much left! Then there is another menos activo family (less active family) that we are teaching just recently and they are really putting the batteries! They are reading and praying and the mom and her two daughters came to church on Sunday (even though it was raining!) The dad had to work but will surely come when he can. I just love these people so much. That is one of the greatest lessons I think I am learning is how to love and what having love and not pity for someone really means. Loving the Savior and understanding His love for others helps us also with our capacity to love. We obviously can not atone for another's sins but we can be like the Savior by making others burdens lighter or even in some ways taking their burdens upon us. Sometimes that just means caring enough about someone to ask questions and earnestly listen. Well I hope you have all shared "He is the Gift" on every social network that you have accounts on! We made an announcement about it in sacrament meeting and hopefully the members were paying attention haha. We as members remember the Savior the whole year, but what a special time when the whole world, not just members remember Him. What a great time to share the Gospel! I love you all and wish you a very good week!

un abrazo fuerte,

Elder Andrew

PS. start planning the skype stuff...... cause you know what's coming up