Monday, April 21, 2014 12:48 PM     
Easter in Argentina
Well here they have something called the Semana Santa, but like most sacred things the world just turned it into a normal week with an opportunity to have big parties at the end of the week, oh well we know where the real happiness comes from. All of the jovenes de nuestro barrio (youth from our Ward) were in Cordova doing a pioneer trek of all things! This is the first time that they have ever done something like this and it made me think back to when we did a pioneer trek as a family and it was just such a good experience and how we were with Joe and Roxanna and how great it was to just work hard and feel just a tiny bit like pioneers. I love the Kimball Stake and I love you guys. So with all the jovenes (youth) gone Facundo came to church but poor kid was the one joven (youth) there and had to go through two classes of just teachers and him. He didn’t seem to mind too much though, he is a super stud. We are teaching him and his mom and Macarena still and they didn’t come because Macarena didn’t feel well and the mom wanted to take care of her. They are progressing but we found out while teaching the word of wisdom that the mom smokes and the kids drink tea, so we will move the baptismal date back because we want them all to be able to get baptized together. The family Ramos went and got Lily and her kids to go to church and they all got there together. Lily really likes the church, her kids not too much yet (they get bored). We taught her all of the restoration and she seemed like she was going to have some problems believing but we are starting with a really good member friendship base already so we have some high hopes for her and her family. Oh we also told the family Gonzalez that it was a tradiccion (tradition) to paint eggs in the states so we painted eggs with Facundo and the mom one time! I’ll send pictures if I ever get a computer that can. I made a super saiyin from dragon ball z. the other day I made some noodles with tuco and it turned out pretty darn tasty, so Mom when I get back ill take my turn cooking to give you a break haha. Hey I keep forgetting to ask you if there is any slight possibility of you picking me up at the end of the mission? It is allowed here; in fact my zone leader will be getting picked up by his parents in two weeks. I just think it would be so cool to at least be with you mom and dad down here for a few days. Or if the adventure is too crazy at least send Brenda and Levi haha. To tell you about my recent preach my gospel study. Today in the morning I was reading in chapter 5 about the Book of Mormon because we are going to do an in depth Book of Mormon lesson with Lily tonight. A question in the "consider this" box caught my attention that said something along the lines of "why is what is in Moroni 10: 3-5 so important" and I started thinking about it and went to the scripture and did a more in depth study and then used an institute manual of the Book of Mormon that we have in the pension to study even more. It was very interesting and I learn many new things like for the fact that it encourages us to read and consider the things of both the Bible and Book of Mormon when it talks about the things of Adam up until now. I know by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon is true and that Jesus is the Christ. That Joseph Smith was chosen to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that we are very blessed to be members of His church. Let us share this joy with other people!
con mucho amor,
Elder Andrew