Aug. 10, 2015
Well I don't have much time because we have been pretty busy with transfers but I'll try and tell you a few highlights.
Biggest highlight was Paula's baptism! I'll try to send pictures. My camera is being a little weird right now. But the baptismal service was very well planned and the members helped out a ton! It was a very spiritual and uplifting experience. And another cool thing was that President Thurgood baptized her because she asked him to! After her baptism she gave her testimony and said "Hoy renací" She felt born again, what a special lady and what a special experience for everyone that was there! 
We got everything ready for transfers and it was a bit crazy today fixing a bunch of problems with transportation and there were a lot of problems because it rained a lot but it ended up going pretty well. It was pretty sad to see Elder Peterson go. I think I feel more sad today than I did last transfer. He really was one of my best companions, and such a great person. But I don't have much time to think about that! Tomorrow we go and get the new missionaries to pump up the mission with new fresh elders and sister!
I love you all very much and something I suggest to you mom and dad is to set apart at least an hour a week to go out with the missionaries, either separately or as a couple. I would suggest looking at your weekly schedules and then maybe saying something like "Elders, on Thursday night we have some free time and would like to come out on a visit with you"  They will love it, and I testify to you that as you set aside even just an hour a week to do that you will have a greater spirit in your lives, us, your children will be blessed and your worries won't seem as big.
With Much Love,
Elder Andrew

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Aug 3 
well sorry family i have no time today, we made an appointment to teach paula so i have to go, just know that i love each and every one of you and pray for you often
un abrazo fuerte,
elder Andrew

nuevo compañero
July 27, 2015
Every week brings new adventures! So here is my weekly report. 
Monday- I drove the truck back to the pension. Seeing as the truck is a stick shift and the driving was done in Argentina I think that is a pretty big accomplishment. I like driving stick although I am definitely still getting used to it and probably drive too cautiously in this world of driving sharks

Tuesday- we had district meeting which was fun. We went over how a baptismal service should be held and prepared. It was a good reminder and got us excited to prepare the baptism of Paula. Afterwards one of the investigators of the zone leaders that share the ward with us gave us lunch. It was really good, ovened chicken with french fries, and she also gets baptized the 8th of august. Then we did a few things for the mission and went to teach Paula. We took an hermano who is about her same age and single....... Sometimes missionaries do a bit of matchmaking as well hehehe. They seemed to hit it off well and also he was able to give a really good testimony and give her re assurance by telling about his own conversion and confirming some of the things she is feeling now with her own conversion. Something also good was that we taught her daughter that was there!  She is 21 and super prepared and willing to listen, the only problem is she works a ton so it will be kind of a hit and miss thing of when we can teach her, although she said the last prayer as if she had been a member her whole life! We were super stoked after that lesson and then got some things done in the offices.

Wednesday- We had interviews in Banfield and they were going really well, until my companion had to leave with one of the zone leaders to help out these other elders that one had gotten bitten by a dog and needed a rabies shot, so the practices kind of fell apart but it was still a good experience. I found out that Kenny the guy I helped get baptized in Budge moved to Peru with his family so I'm sure they are doing well. Then after that we had to meet with President because several elders have gone home lately and we needed to see what we wanted to do about the changes. We pulled up the new assistant a little earlier than planned just so he could be part of the changes we were already doing. Elder Compton, he is a powerhouse and still doesn't even have a full year in the mission! if you want to see who he is go on the lds.youth page and look up the video of "texting truth" he is the one who sends the message of the scriptures. We had to close two areas due to elders going home, that was not a happy thing to do....

Thursday- we did some stuff in the morning then went to the offices to pick my our new companion. After that we went to capital to pick up President's laptop and then had a little intro meeting with Elder Compton and President. After we looked around and found a menos activo that Elder Peterson had never taught before and had a pretty good lesson with him. Elder Peterson is from South Weber, Utah and Elder Compton from Logan, Utah. So now all my comps from USA have been from Utah.

Friday- we did interviews and practices in Montegrande which was good and then got ready for an intercambio with the zone leaders of Gonzalez Catan. It was kind of scary getting over there because we had never done it and we had to take three different trains but we made it without any problem and met some cool people along the way.

Saturday- We spent the day with the zone leaders, Elder Vera and Elder Palacios. They are both from Argentina and very good elders. Super obedient it was a very fun intercambio and we got some good work done, we even got to stay and participate in their baptism since one of there investigators got baptized. They called it a Bautisabado jaja. 

Sunday- We went to church, which was great, a lot of focus on keeping the Sabbath day holy, it really is important! Paula went and even though she was a bit tired enjoyed it. Every time she makes more friends so that is great. We had a meeting with President and I'm starting to feel a bit more confident as assistant but am a little nervous for the upcoming transfers because I have never gone through that process and all we have to get ready and Elder Peterson will be taking trips and stuff that the leaving missionaries do on their last week. There are plenty of people that can help me out though so I'm sure we will be fine. Then we had the office staff over to the mission home and watched the church driver safety video, which was very good and will hopefully help us to drive safer.

Monday- today we went with an hermano and President Thurgood to the county building of Lomas (our county) and talked about a huge family history fair that will be taking place in September. Talk about hastening the work, they are expecting 10,000 people to come through on that day to set up a FamilySearch account and learn a bit more about doing their family history! That is something exciting I'm looking forward to!
Well I know the Lord loves us and He helps me in so many ways. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!
 un abrazo,
Elder Andrew

feliz dia del amigo!

July 20, 2015

Happy friend day! to all my beloved friends! Well since we do so much it helps me to just write my letters by looking back at my planner and writing something about every day, so I think I am going to keep that format. Kind of sad not to get a letter from Mom today but I sure it was just a technical difficulty. (note from Mom: I did send a letter and don't know why he didn't get it but fortunately I was able to resend it in time for him to get it while he was still on.)

Tuesday- we went to a tiny bit of district meeting and then took off to capital in a remis to take President's laptop to be fixed. After that we fixed a delicious lunch for ourselves and got hung up in the offices getting a bunch of stuff done. We called Paula to see how she was doing and see if we could go to visit her (this was actually on Monday) and she said that she was busy and it would be better if we just passed by on Saturdays.... NO! once a week isn't frequent enough for someone to have a real progression especially if they have the goal to be baptized the 8th of August.

Wednesday- We did interviews in the zone of Gonzalez Catan which is one of the new zones from the west mission. They are really good missionaries and there are only elders in that zone if that tells you anything about the kind of areas there are there.... The zone leaders bought us some really cheap and good hamburgers. We got a text from Paula saying we could come over that night and visit! We got to go with President Thurgood (he is a really good member present) and taught the plan of salvation. She really understands very well and is very prepared. She commented to us that as she reads the Book of Mormon she feels like something empty inside of her is being filled. She is very sensitive to the Spirit and really her own thoughts from her life from before the lessons were even taught to her are pretty inline with gospel principles!

 Thursday- In the morning we looked for some magnets that Hermana Thurgood wanted for a project and did some other little odd thing and then had lunch with a member. He gave us milanesa sandwiches and choripan, not the healthiest of lunches but certainly good! After we got trapped in the offices getting mission projects done, and we had plans to work! That seems to be a common theme however haha. 

Friday- We did interviews and practices in Aldo Bonzi the other new zone from the west mission. They are also really good missionaries, very obedient. And after we stayed with the zone leaders in their area to do divisiones with them. I felt like I was back in Budge! Actually, their area isn't that far away from Budge and are all Bolivians so it pretty much is the same.

Saturday- We finished the intercambio, and got to go to a baptism the zone leaders had of a complete family of six but two kids are too young so 4 in total were baptized. It was pretty special. They are a really nice family and Pres. Thurgood also came! Then at night we taught Paula again with our ward mission leader. We made a lesson plan and the actual lesson went perfectly according to plan! We taught about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. she understood perfectly after a few initial doubts and confusions and committed to living both commandments! She even told us that she would drink tea and coffee every once in a while but because she read the folleto (pamphlet)  before the lesson when she was going to drink it she thought "well I better not." Yeah she is a K-pa!

Sunday- Paula came to church and so did a guy that we talked to on the street on Saturday night, he is a bit different but seems like he can really use the gospel right now in his life but actually lives in another area so we passed the reference but it was fun having him there! I am starting to get some of the names of the members down, it is kind of hard when you only see them once a week for 3 hours! Then we went to lunch with our mission leader. It was good, raviolis! After our weekly planning with President we went to an activity in our ward of watching "Meet the Mormons" and eating sweets together. Paula went to that activity as well and seemed to have a good time. She is making a lot of friends in the church! Camila (the girlfriend of Paula's son) is a strong member and the one that introduced her to the church. Before, Paula would only go to church when Camila was there because she didn't know anyone so she didn't go for three weeks because Camila was on a trip. But on Sunday she went to the activity by herself and sat with the Bishop's family because she is becoming friends with them! This really is a good ward I just wish I could work with them more!

I really love the mission and am very glad to be in the Lord's service. I am glad to hear that Peter's illness was nothing serious and I pray for you all often. I get along very well with Elder Peterson, he is a fantastic Elder and it really is easy to feel the Spirit in this companionship. I am really grateful for this call to serve!

with much love y besitos,

Elder Andrew