Elder Benjamin Andrew was able to return to the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission Monday, May 18.

Buenos Aires round 2!
May 25, 2015

Back to the land of street dogs and really bad cibers! haha. Well in Georgia, Hermana Cannon and I met up with a bunch of Hermanas and Elders straight from the MTC that were going to different parts of Argentina. When they found out I had already been there two Elders just glued on to me asking a bunch of questions and stuff like that it was kind of funny and made me remember that weird day when I left the MTC. Then after a reaaaaallllllly long flight we got through customs and everything and I see.... President Thurgood!!!! We ran over gave him a hug and the Hermana Thurgood was there, too. She was so happy to see me she gave me a hug, too haha. They were with the assistants and guess who the new assistant is? That's right, Elder Corry! My hijito ("son", Ben trained Elder Corry) is now an assistant to the president! So we went to the mission home, ate some empanadas and pizza and talked with some old mission friends who were office workers. I had an interview with President and he said he would be putting me as a zone leader in La Plata with Elder Meza. I guess he just doesn't want to give me time to ease back into the mission just throwing me in as zone leader like that haha. It's been good so far though. Elder Meza is from Monterrey, Mexico and is about a head shorter than me. We get along well and make a lot of jokes and stuff. He is a convert of about 2 or 3 years and the only member in his family, pretty special dude. This week, because of the dedication of the Cordoba temple, the hermana that usually sets up the lunches couldn't so we ate in the pench all week (welcome to mission life, haha). Next week we have a zone conference but all we need to worry about is the food and we already took care of that so it won't be that stressful. My area is called City Bell and is pretty big and really tranquilo (mellow), no fear of me getting robbed here. It's kind of like rich farm land. It is my first branch that I've been in and even though the usual attendance is around 65 it is a really nice capilla (chapel). There are about 5 recently returned missionaries and two that got home just last week so a lot of potential to do a lot of things. There are a few good families here to teach, but we are looking for more people as always. This is also Elder Crowther´s last area so he left a few things for me haha. (Elder Crowther was another one of Ben's companions) It has been a bit strange and difficult getting re adjusted to the mission, and it's not like there is anyone who can give me any tips on how to do it. They should make a book for re-adjusting to missionary life. ha ha just kidding But I guess I just worry that I might have lost some momentum but I'm gonna keep trying my hardest to be the missionary I'm supposed to be. My foot feels a bit sore but better than when I got here. We also have bikes in the area which helps my foot feel better. It seems like all the missionaries are new, in my zone most of the missionaries have 6 months or less. Plus there are a ton of hermanas! It is 8 elders and 10 hermanas so really I'm just the president of the relief society. I think the time home helped me to realize how much my love for you guys really had grown. I am so grateful to be part of an eternal family and to be able to share my mission experiences with you. I really do appreciate the good people that you are and feel overly blessed to be part of what seems like such a perfect family. Oh I got an extra transfer added to my mission so I come home November 2. President asked if I want to come home in September or November so I said November. I'll be home just in time to have a huge nacho party haha. The Castellano (spanish) was a bit awkward at first but after a few days I think I'm pretty much back to where I was before, just as President Montague blessed me to be in my setting apart. I love the Lord and am trying to get back in the hang of things.

mucho love,

Elder Andrew

Oh, as of right now in the next transfer I would be in the east mission (new mission) but President thought that he might possibly take me out at the end of this transfer, so we'll see what the Lord has planned for me.