Monday, November 18, 2013 12:47 PM

Well it is good to hear that everything is good with the Andrew clan, you guys really are the greatest examples for me. My birthday passed really well and I had fun, some of the members even made me a cake, so that was really nice. I’ll get too the real news right away. Elder Holland came on Saturday with a few other general and area authorities and spoke to the three Buenos Aires missions. It was really amazing. Elder Gonzalez (who spoke in conference not too long ago) and his wife spoke and Elder Suarez and his wife as well. It was cool to listen in Spanish and understand it all, there are things and feeling and expressions that just don’t transfer over. They said many good things and it was pretty impressive and amazing to hear Elder Holland in person talking to a bunch of missionaries! His main focus was having our eyes focused only on the glory of God. I know there is a better way to say that but I can’t think of it in English. He also told us that we can not go inactive and that what we are doing here is very very important. He said the worst thing he has to deal with is missionaries who have lost the light in their eyes. All in all it was very inspiring and very awesome. In this last week I was thinking about the probability of change in this coming transfer and thinking about what I wanted. I thought maybe it was crazy but the Spirit reminded me that often the Lord has many blessings for us, or wants to give us our righteous desires he just waits for us to ask him. So I prayed and the lord answered my prayers in the way that I had asked. Entonces (therefore), Elder Aldana left today and tomorrow I will (have?) me one of the newest missionaries to the Buenos Aires South Mission. That’s right.... tomorrow I will start the training of my hijo. President called me Saturday night and asked if I was dispuesto (willing) to follow the advice of Elder Holland and of course I said yes and afterward he told me that I would be training. I still don’t know if he will be latino or yankee that I will find out tomorrow. For now I am with Elder Davis an elder in my zone who will also be training. It is crazy and after the call I felt dazed and a little bit sick. I guess be careful what you ask for! I am really excited though and I know we are going to see a lot of miracles. I just want to be the trainer that both he and his mom have prayed for. Please say a lot of prayers for us because we will definitely need them, and we will be more lost than argentines without their mate. I am very grateful for this chance to learn and be humbled. If I do get a yankee I feel like I know enough Spanish to survive, but we will see. So this weekend was pretty much just earth changing. Thank you, Mom, for writing to Elder Aldana. He really appreciated it and I could tell it lifted his spirits. Please continue to write him if you can. He may not have been who I thought was the greatest companion and we didn’t get along super well sometimes, but I think as I tried I came to understand him better and I really do love the elder and want the best for him. I will never forget my father (Elder Aldana), who now will be a grandpa. Elder Dodge also left and Elder Hayne came in his place, he is really friendly and nice and I already know he will be an awesome elder to get to know better. I cleaned the pension pretty good today because I want everything to be as perfect as it can for my hijo manana (son tomorrow). Even if I am not ready, the Lord has called me and I will serve. He will know how much I love the Lord as well as how much I love him. I am going to listen to him a lot, because I have come to find out that one of the greatest signs of love is listening, really listening and thinking about what other people say. God only asks that we listen and obey, but if we cant even listen to the people right in front of us how can we listen to the quiet promptings of the spirit? I love you all and hope you have another wonderful week and don’t have too much fun without me!

Elder Andrew